Intraoral Camera for Dentists

How Intraoral Cameras Can Improve the Care Your Patients Receive

Modern dentistry has come a long way. Patients now expect the highest standard of care without undue inconveniences. One of the diagnostic tools that can help your dental practice to meet those high patient expectations effortlessly is the IRIS HD intraoral camera. This article discusses some of the ways dental intraoral cameras can step up the level of patient care at your dental practice.

High-Tech Dental Imaging

Providing a high standard of care to your patients starts with making the right diagnosis each time you examine or assess a dental patient. Dental technology has come so far, yet some Dentists are spending what it would cost to upgrade their equipment on a couple of months worth of Google Adwords. Which is where we pose the question, What has a better long term return from your practice? Churning through new patients or building up value with your long term value. Many of the diagnostic tools available in the past were unable to give clear images upon which a definitive diagnosis could be made. Today we are in a vastly different space.

IRIS intraoral cameras have changed all that. They enable you as a dentist to get ultra-clear images of the structures inside a patient’s mouth. Consequently, you will be able to make a diagnosis faster and more accurately. Any oral health treatment plan will deliver your patient with a sense of trust and comfort moving forward. Your patients will grow to value the services you offer, and your bottom line will improve due to the high patient retention rates.

Less Invasive Dental Procedures

Not many patients look forward to a dental visit. Part of that reluctance has to do with the way the dentist used to practice dentistry. The visual is the getting poked with different dental tools is a common perception. Your patients today should be excited about the clear view of the teeth and gums and bones you can share with them. Despite our collective efforts to change the perception, dental visits are still perceived to be uncomfortable enough that patients put off until it becomes unavoidable.

With IRIS HD dental cameras, the patient experience is turned around since the camera can quickly capture detailed images of all the oral structures. The dentist can analyze those images later in order to diagnose the patient. Consequently, the time that a patient spends in the dental chair can be reduced significantly. This time-saving diagnostic procedure ultimately makes patients less apprehensive about keeping their dentist appointments.

Cooperative Diagnosis & Case Acceptance 

Another key way intraoral cameras can improve the patient’s experience and the quality of care provided is through the cooperative diagnosis that can be done. You can use a computer screen to show the patient the images that are being taken by the IRIS USB intraoral camera in real time. Alternatively, you can take all the needed images and review them with your patient once he or she is out of the dental chair.

This interactive process will enable you to show the patient any issues discovered during the assessment. You can then go on to explain the options available for treating the condition discovered.

The patient will be in a better position to make an informed decision about the different treatment options you suggest. Consequently, that patient will be more likely to adhere to any instructions that you give when treating him or her.

The net result is that the treatment will succeed since all parties will be working together to attain mutually-beneficial goals.

As you can see, you can use your newly acquired IRIS USB intraoral camera as a way to alleviate any fears that your patients may have. Use the intraoral camera as frequently as possible so that your dental practice can increase the effectiveness of patient assessment and treatment.