About Company

Digital Doc has been family owned and operated for over 19 years. We are proud to run our business and manufacture our dental products in the US, providing jobs, and adding to our local economy, just like the many dental offices we serve.

At the heart of our company is a desire to create products that inspire change. We are able to deliver this through the designing and building of premium intra oral cameras that create emotionally charged imagery. These crystal clear images drive impactful clinical conversations that result in increased patient education and case acceptance.

What set’s Digital Doc apart?

  1. Image quality
  2. Ease of use (12 in 2 training included)
  3. Support

As the industry leader, this powerful camera technology brings the smallest details into brilliant full-screen high-resolution focus. Our latest addition to our camera family is the IRIS HD. This camera allows the clinician and the patient to experience an image of extreme, intense clarity. This clarity is obtained with the IRIS HD precision optical lens and advanced HD sensor, providing the most impactful and highest picture quality in the market place.

What does owning a Digital Doc camera mean to the dental practice?

Increased discovery equals increase production. We are dedicated to directly connecting the crystal clear images to the clinicians need to diagnose and communicate treatment value. The patient will then see the “big picture” on the impact dental disease can have on their overall health.

Our cameras create a tangible return on investment through our proven 12 in 2 method of training and camera integration that enhances the discovery process and increases overall production.

This process has allowed us the opportunity to earn a reputation for excellence in customer satisfaction and service, delivering image superiority and customer value that produces strong, lasting relationships, throughout the dental community.

Number one on the market

Digital Doc LLC recently delivered the newest and most advanced camera to the industry. IRIS has become an instant success with doctors in North America; this camera has the most advanced focus design, the smallest LED arrangement at the tip, and the finest image ever seen in an intraoral digital camera supporting a USB2.0 format.

Digital Doc, LLC. has a clear vision of where it intends to be in the years to come. We have established an outstanding management team, as well as design engineers with unsurpassed knowledge, and a production team that has been together long enough to have assembled nearly all 35,000-plus units. With a succinct vision and a seasoned management team, Digital Doc plans to remain the industry leader in intraoral cameras.