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IRIS X90 Intraoral Camera

Plug & Play • 1080p Resolution •
USB 2.0 Protocol

The IRIS X90 is the intraoral camera that your practice has been missing! With Gen 3 Optics, the X90 keeps things sharp and clear so you can show patients what’s going on rather than tell them. Check out the Digital Doc difference by scheduling a demo with our team!


Your patients watch everything in HD. Connect with the consumer in the chair to increase case acceptance with true HD quality images from IRIS X90


Every Digital Doc product is custom designed & made to last. This makes your return on investment even more remarkable.


Quality is built into every component, from a Sony sensor to the multi-element lens path and prism assembly.

quality intraoral camera


Lifetime technical support and get your camera repaired after warranty period.


There is no installation, just plug it in and start taking the high-definition 1080p images over a standard USB 2.0 protocol.


Left & right-hand buttons making it extremely user friendly.

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Most frequent questions and answers about the X80 IRIS Intraoral Camera.

If you want the best for your patients, it pays to invest in high-definition imaging equipment. Why settle for standard definition when investing a bit more delivers sharper images that enable us as providers and consumers to go beyond surface level dentistry? Providing hygiene recalls with full smile views is an essential adjunct if we are really looking out for our patients’ oral health needs – not only can HD photos capture any small details missed from traditional exams but they also provide excellent documentation options like Invisalign or cosmetic treatment plans.

  • X90 HD Intraoral Camera 
  • 9’ custom cable, light grey, that looks like hand-piece tubing 
  • Sample pack of sheaths.
  • Camera Holder (if you choose to mount on the wall for easy in and out access). The camera is designed to fit into a rear delivery unit if there is an open space.
  • Installation (your dealer will install your cameras)

Below you will find the most current Software Compatibility List for the IRIS X90 Intraoral Autofocus Camera. For each install the first step is to run the IRIS X90 Configuration Assistant which is available below. If your software isn’t listed below, please contact Digital Doc Support for assistance.

TWAIN and Standalone configuration available to download in the Support Section .

  • Adstra
  • Apteryx
  • BelmontXV
  • Cadi
  • Carestream & Kodak
  • Curve Hero
  • Cliniview 
  • ClearDent v. 9.11.153
  • Dentrix Ascend 
  • Dexis v10
  • Dolphin
  • Eaglesoft And Patterson Imaging
  • EZDENT-i (Va-Tech)
  • I-Dentsoft
  • Image FX
  • Image XL
  • Mipacs
  • Ortho2
  • Oryx
  • Professor Suni
  • SafeCom
  • Sidexis 4
  • VixWin Platinum
  • X-Ray Vision 
  • XL Dent
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty 
  • First 90 days no fault warranty 
  • Lifetime technical support and get your camera repaired after warranty period

You can use any disinfectant wipe. We recommend our Digi Wipes. The camera is hydrophobic sealed so you can wipe or spray the camera down.  

A good question to ask yourself is how big is your TV at home and how big are TV’s in the living room of your patients?

50” – 65” is ideal in the operatory.  HD. If you don’t want to run an HDMI cable from TV to your computer, simply get a Chrome Cast, and you can skip that step.  We don’t sell TVs, but we do know they modernize your practice and improve case acceptance.  

Yes. D0350 is the code to use for this. We are seeing offices charge $30 for the series of images.  Some insurance companies are beginning to pay. We had an office in MO receive $1800 in the first 5 months of a year by submitting these images.  

The X90 is easy to use. Simply plug it in, and it’s ready to go!




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