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PXL Intraoral Camera

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Introducing the Digital Doc PXL Camera – your affordable, easy-to-use, simple-to-integrate, I/O HD imaging solution, designed to be the workhorse camera for busy practices.


At Digital Doc, you don’t have to sacrifice quality OR break the bank to get your hands on premium dental products.


Empower your dental practice with the latest intraoral camera technology, featuring lightweight materials that enhance comfort and maneuverability.

HD Resolution

Experience the unparalleled clarity and precision of HD Resolution at 1152x768, revealing intricate dental details with unrivaled clarity, empowering dentists to provide the highest standard of care through cutting-edge intraoral imaging technology.

best intraoral camera

Patented Optics

Experience unparalleled clarity and precision with our intraoral camera featuring patented optics, revolutionizing the way dentists visualize and diagnose oral health conditions.

Live Support

Experience real-time dental precision with Live Support integrated into our cutting-edge intraoral camera, ensuring instant clarity and guidance for impeccable patient care.


Left & right-hand buttons making it extremely user friendly

Exceptional Image Quality

With ultra-high resolution and advanced autofocus capabilities, our camera captures even the smallest details with stunning clarity, ensuring accurate diagnostics and enhancing treatment planning.



Most frequent questions and answers about the X80 IRIS Intraoral Camera.

PXL doesn’t give you the full smile or get quite as close as the X90. Still HD, an amazing image for 1-3 teeth or 4-5 anterior/lower anterior hygiene image

PXL is a depth of field focus.

Depth of field (DOF) refers to the range of distance within a photo that appears acceptably sharp and in focus. It is a crucial concept in photography that determines how much of the scene in front of and behind the main subject is clear and sharp. Overall the PXL is very easy to use and designed for macro imagry. 


The PXL cable is attached to the camera. Unlike the X90 where you can disconnect the cable

  • Your patient is more educated on photography than ever before in history.  The get quality.  
  • Team members get excited about taking HD images they can see vs standard definition images 
  • Insurance companies blow up their images when viewing them.  HD does not lose image resolution or become fuzzy like all other cameras that are not HD.  

Yes. We work in over 40 software programs. We dont guarantee it works in all software programs but most all of them, yes.

To prevent fogging sheaths are handy to have. Because this camera is hygrophobic sealed, you can use most any disinfectant wipe. We recommend our SONO wipes as the non alcohol nature won’t dry out acrylic over time.




Elevate your practice with Digi Doc's IRIS X80 Liquid Lens Auto-Focus Camera. Schedule a virtual demonstration today.

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