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Intraoral Sensor

Crystal Clear Dental Images

Digital Doc’s new intraoral x-ray sensor is what will take your practice to the next level. Blū is durable, comfortable, &, better yet, affordable. With its crystal clear imagery, the Blū intraoral sensor will become your second set of eyes during the treatment planning process. So, if you haven’t gone digital yet, start with Blū. It’s truly everything you need in a digital dental sensor & more.

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At Digital Doc, you don’t have to sacrifice quality OR break the bank to get your hands on premium dental products.


Every Digital Doc product is custom designed & made to last. This makes your return on investment even more remarkable.


Quality digital radiography is necessary for accurate diagnosis, which is why we designed the Blū with 27 lp/mm & active image area of 980 square mm.

best dental sensor


When you choose Digital Doc, you pay for more than just the product. We offer premium support, trainings, & extended warranties.


With over 25 supported software suites, your team will have no problem seamlessly integrating Blū into your dental practice.


With a sensor thickness of 4.8 mm & extended dimensions of 1.3 mm x 42.9 mm, patients experience maximum comfort & quality care.

Save Time + Save Money With Blū.


Most frequent questions and answers about Blū Intraoral Sensor.
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We offer both Size 1 and Size 2 sensors. 

  • Size 2 would be used for your general adult patient- for bitewings and PA’s
  • Size 1 would be for child bitewings or for adults with a smaller mouth that cannot close down on a size 2 sensor.

Blū comes with a three-year warranty. With our extended care plan at $425 per year, this will cover all repairs up to 3 Blū sensors for $425 total.  If the sensor is deemed unrepairable, you have the option of purchasing a replacement sensor for a deeply discounted price. 

Yes. You can have several Blū sensors and any other brand sensors installed on the same computer.

We have one of the thinnest sensors on the market. Our silicone sleeve will also help make this very comfortable.

Yes, you can wipe the sensor and cable down. Here are the cleaning and care instructions.

Yes. We will send you a loaner and have the cord replaced. This is not something that is done in the field.




Elevate your practice with Digi Doc's new elite intraoral sensor. Schedule a virtual demonstration today.

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