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1 Wipe Cleans & Disinfects.
Protect ALL Your Equipment.

Welcome to the new Standard in operatory Disinfectants.

SONO Wipes are designed for total office use and dental equipment disinfection. The alcohol-free formula both safeguards equipment and is effective against diverse pathogens. The Large 7×8 sheets ensure thorough
cleaning with fewer wipes and prevents equipment wear.

Safe For Equipment

A wipe that does not break down your equipment or technology. Safe to use on all surfaces.

Made in the USA

Every Digital Doc product is made in the USA. Now more than ever, it's important for Americans to support their country.

Alcohol + Bleach Free

Just One Wipe eliminates odors and disinfects over 47 pathogens. The antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal formula kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses.

Great Fresh Smell

This fresh scent is a pleasure compared to the alcohol or peroxide smell in other wipes.

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Join the movement.

A portion of all sales will go to ending human trafficking.


Most frequent questions and answers about the X80 IRIS Intraoral Camera.

The best costs more, wouldn’t you agree? We as consumers can tell the difference between standard definition and high definition. Do your Hygienists take a full smile on every recall patient? If not, you are missing more dentistry in $ than trying to save by a camera that can’t take an HD full smile photo. Invisalign and cosmetic dentistry will increase. Hygiene isn’t pulling out the SLR on every recall appointment nor is the team reviewing the photos taken during the new patient exam.

  • X80 HD Intraoral Camera 
  • 9’ custom cable, light grey, that looks like hand-piece tubing 
  • Sample pack of sheaths.
  • Camera Holder (if you choose to mount on the wall for easy in and out access). The camera is designed to fit into a rear delivery unit if there is an open space.
  • Installation (your dealer will install your cameras)

Below you will find the most current Software Compatibility List for the IRIS X80 Intraoral Autofocus Camera. For each install the first step is to run the IRIS X80 Configuration Assistant which is available below. If your software isn’t listed below, please contact Digital Doc Support for assistance

TWAIN and Standalone configuration available to download in the Support Section .

  • Adstra
  • Apteryx
  • BelmontXV
  • Cadi
  • Carestream & Kodak
  • Curve Hero
  • Cliniview 
  • ClearDent v. 9.11.153
  • Dentrix Ascend 
  • Dexis v10
  • Dolphin
  • Eaglesoft And Patterson Imaging
  • EZDENT-i (Va-Tech)
  • I-Dentsoft
  • Image FX
  • Image XL
  • Mipacs
  • Ortho2
  • Oryx
  • Professor Suni
  • Sidexis 4
  • VixWin Platinum
  • X-Ray Vision 
  • XL Dent
  • 2 year manufactures warranty 
  • First 90 days no fault warranty 
  • Cameras will be repaired as long as Digital Doc has parts. Our current IRIS 2.0 cameras has been on the market for 14 years. Simply pay a small fee to have it repaired quickly in the US

You can use any disinfectant wipe. We recommend our Digi Wipes. The camera is hydrophobic sealed so you can wipe or spray the camera down.  

A good question to ask yourself is how big is your TV at home and how big are TV’s in the living room of your patients?

50” – 65” is ideal in the operatory.  HD. If you don’t want to run an HDMI cable from TV to your computer, simply get a Chrome Cast, and you can skip that step.  We don’t sell TVs, but we do know they modernize your practice and improve case acceptance.  

Yes. D0350 is the code to use for this. We are seeing offices charge $30 for the series of images.  Some insurance companies are beginning to pay. We had an office in MO receive $1800 in the first 5 months of a year by submitting these images.  

The X80 is easy to use. Simply plug it in, and it’s ready to go!

Here are a few links to our Support page:




Elevate your practice with Digi Doc's IRIS X80 Liquid Lens Auto-Focus Camera. Schedule a virtual demonstration today.

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