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Handheld x-ray


Digital Doc’s XTG is the #1 portable x-ray that reduces FMX time by half. Forget about leaving your patient’s chairside! XTG allows you to stay in the room during ALL radiographs, saving time and improving the patients’ overall experience. Is your operatory ready for an upgrade? Get in touch with the Digital Doc team.

XTG handheld x-ray


Reduce your FMX time in half with the convenience of the XTG.


Free up both hands to make adjustments throughout the exam.


Designed to produce diagnostic high-quality x-rays for both film, plate, & digital sensors.

XTG handheld x-ray


Each full charge allows for 150 exposures.


Preprogrammed exposure time & camera-like operation.


Light Weight & Compact Size. Throw over your shoulder and take it with you anywhere.

Elevate your practice with Digi Doc's XTG Portable X-Ray. Schedule a virtual demonstration today.


Most frequent questions and answers about the XTG Handheld X-ray.
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Safe & Simple for technicians
  • Low Patient Exposure
  • Camera-like Operation
  • Easy to Learn and Use
  • Portable for Multi-Operatory Use
  • Film, Plate & Sensor Capability
  • No Installation
  • 60 kv Frequency X-ray
  • High Image Quality 

Below you will find the most current Software Compatibility List for the XTG. If your software isn’t listed below, please contact Digital Doc Support for assistance.

TWAIN and Standalone configuration available to download in the Support Section.

  • Adstra
  • Apteryx
  • BelmontXV
  • Cadi
  • Carestream & Kodak
  • Curve Hero
  • Cliniview
  • ClearDent v. 9.11.153
  • Dentrix Ascend
  • Dexis v10
  • Dolphin
  • Eaglesoft And Patterson Imaging
  • EZDENT-i (Va-Tech)
  • I-Dentsoft
  • Image FX
  • Image XL
  • Mipacs
  • Ortho2
  • Oryx
  • Professor Suni
  • SafeCom
  • Sidexis 4
  • VixWin Platinum
  • X-Ray Vision
  • XL Dent
  • Rechargeable Battery(at least 150 exposures per charge)
  • Light Weight & Compact Size
  • Micro-computer and Specialized Circuit for Precise Exposure Technique Factors
  • Self-diagnostic Control Panel
  • Simple and Easy Setting for X-ray Exposure
  • Pre-programmed Exposure Time for Fast and Easy Operation
  • Internal Protection Shield to Protect Operator and Patient from Dispersed Radiation
  • Constant Emission Power Technology

XTG battery is very strong.  It should last you all day.  We had XTG at a free dental clinic used 12 hours continuously and never drained the battery 


3 hours on a fully depleted battery. 

Yes.  If you choose to have the unit charge for a certain period of time (90 minutes on a half battery charge or 3 hours on fully depleted battery click here and order a timer that you can simply plug into your wall.

Yes.  At no additional cost.  

Yes. Some states have different restrictions. Contact your local Digital Doc territory manager for details.


Yes. With our Extended Care Plan, loaners are provided and shipped overnight in the event, your XTG needs repair. 




Elevate your practice with Digi Doc's Hand Held X-Ray. Schedule a virtual demonstration today.

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