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The Advantages of Choosing High-Tech Dentists

The Top Advantages of Choosing High-Tech Dentists

The dentist’s office experience has improved dramatically in the last 15 years due to advances in dental technology. Modern dentist offices equipped with cutting-edge technology help to enhance the patient’s experience, optimize oral health, and produce outstanding results. Discover the advantages of choosing high-tech dentists from a patient’s perspective.

Simple Scheduling

Modern technology allows dentists the opportunity to provide patients with a better experience, even before they enter the office. For example, electronic health records allow dentists to easily access patient’s medical history, answer phone calls, and compile information for referrals and insurance claims. There is also online scheduling, which allows patients to schedule an appointment without having to call.

More Effective Visits

Patients probably don’t want to spend any more time than required in the dental chair, no matter how convenient or nice your dentist’s office is. We all lead busy lives and have a lot on our plates! Modern dentistry acknowledges the need to make dental treatments more effective and makes you spend less time in the chair.

A good example is same-day dental crowns. This technology allows patients to receive their dental crown in the same visit. In comparison, traditional crowns take weeks to make in an outside dental lab. Our friend Dr. Ryan Helgerson, a dentist in Grand Junction, can attest to patients appreciating same-day dental services. He highly recommends offering these types of services.

Better Understanding of Your Diagnosis 

High-tech dentistry not only makes it easier for your dental team to diagnose the condition accurately. It also makes it easier for patients to understand the severity of the dental problem. General dentists will have their patients take their word for their recommended treatment, while modern dentists can clearly show them exactly what they see. For example, Digital Doc’s X80 Intraoral Camera captures crystal clear images and displays them right on your computer or television screen. 

Less Discomfort

We have a filling, root canal, or other procedure used to have a poor reputation for being frightening and painful. Modern pain relief solutions are available in high-tech dentistry today to ensure your full comfort. We recommend offering the following services to maximize patient experience: 

  • Oral sedation entails taking this sedative orally and falling into a comfortable, dream-like state. You could even nod off entirely!
  • Nitrous oxide is often referred to as “laughing gas.” This form of sedation, inhaled through a comfortable face mask, gives you a giddy and relaxed feeling.
  • IV sedation — This form of sedation is delivered through a vein (usually on your arm) and causes drowsiness and deep relaxation.

Amazing Outcomes

Most patients with broken, missing, or dead teeth are considered to restore their oral health and appearance. Patients don’t have to pick between the two, thankfully. High-tech dentistry helps patients achieve both. If you’re a dentist who hasn’t considered using modern dental technology, you and your patients are missing out. Modern dentistry methods use natural-looking restorations. Patients don’t have to compromise the appearance of their smile to obtain healthy teeth, whether it’s a filling or a crown.

Long-Lasting Treatments

Modern dental technology aids in the creation of even more long-lasting restoration solutions. Fillings, crowns, implants, and other dental treatments are now designed to endure the effects of chewing as well as the wear and tear of daily life. High-tech dental procedures, such as crowns and implants, will last for decades with careful care, ensuring that your perfect smile can last a lifetime. More patients are looking for the best dentists. Now that you know the advantages of choosing high-tech dentists, you can decide whether investing in dental technology is worth it. Are you interested in our Digital Doc products? Contact Digital Doc today to schedule a virtual demonstration

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