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One Question To Improve Case Acceptance

Ask This One Question To Improve Case Acceptance

Are you telling the patients what they need? When is the last time you enjoyed being “told” what to do? If you focus on what your patients want and how they make purchasing decisions you both get what you want. 

You enter the room for the exam with the patient. Your Hygienist or Assistant does an amazing hand-off finishing with asking “John, did I leave anything out?” She has already notified you that the patient is a D on the DISC scale (highly recommend taking your tea through this training. Tony Robbins has a free DISC assessment online. You will be able to speak to a patient in the language they speak, in the way they speak it. Talk about changing the patient dynamic. Not to mention your team dynamic and your personal life. More on this in another blog

You proceed with what you have found, but instead of offering solutions to everything you have found you simply stop and ask ” John, based on what we have covered, what solutions are you interested in hearing based on the concerns I have converted.” Stop, pause, and stay quiet until they speak. It may be uncomfortable but if you have a D in the chair, they will tell you immediately. An S will take a while longer so get comfortable with the silence. This is about what “they” want. Remember, throwing all the solutions to the patient before they have given you permission is a finger in the ear moment waiting to happen. You lose them.

One question to improve case acceptance - Digital Doc

If patients can’t see images of what you are talking about you have lost them. Watch this video below and hear the line “it is hard for me to put a picture in your brain.” All of these doctors have a dental camera in every operator and are in the 1% of dental office collections in North America.


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