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Start a New Year with Modern Dental Technology

Start a New Year with Modern Dental Technology in Your Practice

Technology has become crucial to dental practices worldwide. So, why not start a new year with the best modern dental technology available! At Digital Doc, we design and produce all of our products in the United States. All products are designed to be the best in its class. When you choose Digital Doc, you’re not only getting innovative modern dental technology, but you’re also getting the support of our Digital Doc team. In the article below, we share how you can start a new year with modern dental technology.

Dental X-Rays

XTG Handheld X-Ray

Low-radiation handheld dental x-rays are a comfortable and quick way to provide precise and instant images of a patient’s jaw, mouth, and teeth. The XTG Handheld x-ray improves efficiency, saving time as the patient doesn’t have to be wheeled down to radiology for an x-ray.

This advanced high frequency portable dental x-ray has been designed to produce high-quality x-rays for both digital and film sensors. The device has the following benefits:

  • High image quality
  • It is portable for multi-operatory use.
  • Low radiation, hence low patient exposure
  • Simple and safe for technicians
  • Requires no installation
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Has a rechargeable battery

Digital Dental Sensor

Blū is the newest Digital Doc available today. Unlike our competitors, this digital intraoral sensor is designed to produce crystal-clear digital images. It’s compatible with over 25 software suites, comes in two sizes, and is comfortable for patients. Additionally, Blū comes with an extended warranty and Digital Doc support. Additionally, integrating this dental sensor into your practice is simple!

new year with modern dental technology - Digital Doc

Intraoral Cameras

These are the best dental cameras that give dentists a panoramic view of a patient’s oral cavity. Digital Doc has high-quality cameras with high resolution. 

The IRIS X80 Dental Camera

This intraoral camera requires no installation as it only needs to be plugged in. The autofocus dental camera has an internal computer that monitors the oral cavity and adjusts the focus automatically. The camera takes high-definition 1080p images over a standard USB 2.0 protocol. From the multi-element prism assembly and lens path to the Sony sensor, this is the best intraoral camera as it exudes quality. Additionally, our friend Dr. Cody Boals, a family dentist in Colorado Springs, CO, agrees that every dentist should have at least one dental camera in their practice.

The IRIS USB 2.0 Dental Camera for Windows

This intraoral camera has an inbuilt easy to use 5-point focus wheel in addition to a unique USB connector that can fit a standard delivery unit. Its streamlined profile is much smaller and has been specially designed to include a soft-tip with 8-point LED lighting. In addition to this, these dental cameras also have Sony’s Hi-resolution CCD to provide the finest picture quality and are compatible with different software, including Dentrix Ascend and ImageXL.

IRIS LTE USB 2.0 Dental Camera

This fixed focus system is not only easy to use, but it’s also equipped with a unique USB connector that can fit a standard delivery unit and dual capture buttons. With a streamlined profile, much like the best dental camera for Windows, it produces the finest image quality.  

LUM Transillumination Device

This is a sub-enamel illumination device that enables dentists to find minute dental imperfections painlessly by shedding a high-intensity light on the tooth in question. This transilluminator allows dentists to locate cavities and treat them in the early stages of development, which helps avert future pain and discomfort. Therefore, the LuM illumination device is your second set of eyes when diagnosing and treating patients. 

At Digital Doc, we develop high-quality devices that not only make your work as a dentist easier but also allow your patients to be more comfortable. Our products produce the finest image quality and can be used easily. Contact Digital Doc today to schedule a complimentary virtual demonstration!

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