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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New X-Ray Sensor 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New X-Ray Sensor for Your Dental Practice

Over the years, dental imaging has evolved tremendously, allowing dentists to serve their patients better. Digital radiography, for example, has significantly developed. If you don’t know a lot about our latest digital x-ray sensor, Blū, consider reading the Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New X-Ray Sensor article below. 

Precision and Accuracy

The most important thing to consider when choosing a dental x-ray sensor is the quality of images it produces. The results should be not only precise but also accurate. The industry standard for X-ray machines is (+/-)5% for all tests at any time. It is important to ensure that the new dental sensor meets these requirements before you purchase it.  

Ease of Use

The digital dental sensor in the system should be easy to move around inside the patient’s mouth and also easy to use. The sequence of use enables the system to shoot and move the sensor as well as take an x-ray. Additionally, the system also automatically dates, numbers by tooth, mounts, correctly orients, and saves the digital x-ray images. This eliminates the need to develop and mount then file the x-rays physically. Also, it saves your staff time. Ultimately, improving efficiency and case acceptance in your practice. The digital x-rays can also be shared securely and safely with insurance companies or referring specialists through email or over the internet. 

The Image Quality

Unlike traditional film, digital dental sensors like Blū produce better and consistent quality images. The image quality Blū by Digital Doc produces goes unmatched when compared to competitors. The images provided also show variations in density as well as sharpness. Pick a sensor that has the highest quality. Dr. Hoang, a dentist in Bethlehem, GA, says, showing patients the quality images captured are what motivates them to say yes to treatment. 

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Comfortable and Single-Size Sensor

The dental sensor you choose should come in a size that fits both adults and children comfortably. A digital dental sensor with rounded corners makes the experience more comfortable as compared to film. This, in turn, makes it easier for your hygienist. Additionally, the intraoral sensor should also have a direct USB connection, which will make it easier for assistants to switch easily between different operations. 

Safety of Your New Digital Dental Sensor

When purchasing a portable dental x-ray sensor for your facility, you should take into consideration the safety of both you and your staff as well as your patients. Different models may require different exposure levels to capture an accurate image. Despite technological advancements to increase the standards with regard to this, it remains a concern. Therefore, you should do adequate research on the safety of the various models in the market before deciding on the dental x-ray sensor you would like to purchase.

Consider a Trusted Dental Technology Brand

Another important factor to be considered is the manufacturing company. At Digital Doc, we’ve earned our reputation for providing premium dental products for our customers. We are proud to say that both customer service and support is nothing but the very best. Additionally, we are a family-owned business right here in the United States. When choosing your new dental sensor, consider looking into the company you choose. With Digital Doc, you’re not just purchasing a product. 

Exceptional Product Warranty

When thinking of buying a handheld dental X-ray device or a digital x-ray sensor, you need to take into account the warranty offered. At Digital Doc, we have a two-year warranty for our digital x-ray products. Backed by quality customer support, if your Digital Doc products break, we will get it fixed ASAP.

Schedule a Virtual Demonstration

Before you invest in a digital x-ray system, you should ensure you do your own research. Do not go for a complicated system. Invest in dental technology that is simple to understand and use and has a very low chance of malfunctioning. This will extend the life of the product as well as increase your return on investment. For help in selecting the best system for your needs, contact Digital Doc for a virtual demonstration. A team member will assess your needs and recommend the best products to meet your needs.

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