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Things to Remember About Intraoral Camera Maintenance

All dental offices know how important it is to take every step necessary to ensure infection control. That same zeal also needs to be devoted to taking care of and preserving the condition of the costly dental equipment which facilitates accurate diagnosis and treatment. The IRIS HD USB 3.0 Dental Camera, the XRay2Go or XTG Handheld X-Ray machine and the LUM sub-enamel illumination devices are examples of diagnostic equipment that every dental office should take care of properly. This article discusses some of the crucial disinfecting measures that will help you to not only maintain but increase the longevity of your equipment.

Step #1: Sheaths for Asepsis and Fogging

The IRIS camera sheaths are specifically designed for IRIS cameras only.  The optically clear side is on the bottom so you want to put the camera light towards the white paper.  The Sheath is not required to be used with the cameras since you can wipe the camera down with a disinfectant wipe; however, you will prevent fogging by adding the sheath. We all have those patients when we ask them to breath out of their nose and they do the opposite.  

Step #2: Refer to the User Manual

No two manufacturers make intraoral cameras the same way. It is therefore prudent for you to read the user manual of your IRIS intraoral camera and find out what the manufacturer recommends as the right way to clean or maintain this particular piece of dental equipment.

For example, one manufacturer may recommend that you use an alcohol wipe to clean the lens of the camera while another might forbid it. Follow the specific recommendations provided in the manual so that your camera isn’t damaged during the cleaning process. The advice of following the manufacturer’s instructions also applies to any other dental equipment that you may have, such as the LUM sub-enamel illumination device and the XTG Handheld X-Ray machine.

Step #3: Place Your Intraoral Camera on a Surface You Can Disinfect

The third step that you should take is to place the IRIS Intraoral camera on a sterile surface or on a disposable liner. Once the camera is on that surface, dispose of the gloves that you wore while taking intraoral images of the patient.

After taking the gloves off, proceed to wash your hands thoroughly. This added precaution is necessary because there’s a possibility that you came in contact with the patient’s fluids. After washing and drying your hands, wear fresh gloves and proceed with the next steps of the process.

Step #4: Wipe the Camera Down

You should always wipe down the entire camera using Digi Wipes, which are scientifically proven to have superior disinfection properties compared to other medical wipes on the market. Don’t use the wipes picked from the grocery store! The wipes used to clean your camera must be specifically designed for this role.

Step #5: Connect the Cable and Store the IRIS Intraoral Camera

Once the camera is dry, reconnect its USB cable and place the camera in a fresh sheath. Thereafter, place the camera in its storage place or on a sterile surface, such as a tray, if you intend to use it again. Discard the gloves you wore while cleaning the IRIS 2.0 Dental Camera for Windows.

The steps above should be mastered by every member of your staff. Insist that they follow those steps every single time without any exceptions. That way, your equipment will not be an instrument of cross-contamination or provision of inaccurate images.