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Why Digital X-Rays Are Better Than Traditional Ones

The Reasons Why Digital X-Rays Are Better Than Traditional Ones


Over the years, dentistry has improved both clinical practices and technology. Digital x-ray equipment, such as the XTG Hand-held Digital X-Ray from Digital Doc, has contributed to overall better patient care. In this article, you’ll discover why digital x-rays are better than traditional ones.

Less Radiation Exposure

All forms of radiographic imaging require a degree of radiation in order to capture what lies beneath the skin. Medically, the levels of radiation to which a patient is exposed during x-ray are regarded as safe and extra precautions. You’re required to wear a lead apron to prevent radiation exposure.

Digital x-rays take radiation reduction to a whole new level since the equipment needs just 20 percent of the amount of radiation that a traditional x-ray machine needs. Patients have more reason to celebrate when you upgrade your traditional x-ray machine to a digital one like the Hand-held Digital X-Ray device made by Digital Doc.


Traditional x-rays are costly because a lot of specialized materials, such as chemicals and film, to develop x-ray images are needed. These materials increase the cost of getting x-ray images taken in the course of receiving dental care.

However, digital x-rays are more cost-effective because there is no need for extra material. The digital images are viewed on a computer or television screen, and they are stored as digital files. You can decrease your overhead when you upgrade your dental x-ray machine.

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Digital X-Rays Are Quicker

In today’s world, we can get almost anything with a push of a button. Patients may feel frustrated if they have to take more time out of their day to get dental x-rays. 

Digital x-rays like the XTG Hand-held X-Ray save you and your patient a lot of time since the x-ray images can be viewed immediately. This modern equipment makes it possible for a definitive diagnosis to be made all within the same visit. Furthermore, patients will be able to start treatment immediately.

Digital X-rays Provide More Accurate Diagnosis

Traditional x-rays heavily rely on the user to capture clear images that your dentist will use to diagnose you. There is also more room for error when using a traditional x-ray machine. 

Digital x-rays are a different story. Numerous high-quality images can be taken instantly using the XTG Hand-Held X-Ray device. You can zoom in or out, enhance the clarity of the images, or manipulate them in any way. Human error is, therefore, greatly minimized when digital x-rays are used by your team.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits for your patients and your dental office when you start using digital x-rays. If you would like to learn more about how to make this transition, contact us to schedule a virtual demo. 

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