Digital Doc LLC agrees to guarantee parts and labor for each IRIS camera purchased by the doctor for the term of two years from the date of purchase, when used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. In the event a product is returned by the dealer, or the end user, and the warranty has expired, Digital Doc LLC reserves the right to collect a reasonable fee from the end user for services mutually agreed upon. Misused, abused, or dropped cameras are not covered under this warranty and will be billed for parts and labor.

Digital Doc LLC does agree to replace any defective product, free of charge, during the first ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. After the first ninety (90) days, Digital Doc LLC, will repair under warranty the defective item and pay the shipping to return the repaired item to the customer. The customer will be responsible for shipping charges to Digital Doc. If the customer elects to ship the product three-day economy, Digital Doc LLC, will return-ship in the same manner. Further, if the customer elects to ship the product overnight, Digital Doc LLC will reciprocate in the same manner.

Digital Doc LLC will require the end user to phone the Technical Service Department at 800.518.1102. Please have your camera serial number ready prior to contacting Technical Support. Once the cause of the failure has been determined, Digital Doc LLC will issue a “Return Merchandise Authorization” (RMA) number to be written clearly on the outside of the package in which the item is shipped. Items shipped to Digital Doc LLC without the RMA written on the outside of the package will be returned to the customer at their cost. No items will be received for warranty or non-warranty work without the RMA number printed clearly on the package. All non-warranty repairs will need a credit card, or some form of payment prior to the repair work being authorized.

If your repair is deemed under warranty, Digital Doc LLC agrees to repair or replace the item, at Digital Doc’s discretion. The item will then be shipped to the person, or persons whose name appears on the shipping label. All non-warranty repairs will be billed at $150.00 per hour plus parts. All refusals to authorize non-warranty work will be subject to a one-hour minimum charge.