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New dental practice techniques and technology surface every day. Dental trade show events are one of the best ways to learn about the latest and greatest finds in the dental industry. Additionally, these events are a great opportunity to earn CE credits and a way to network with industry leaders. Our Digital Doc team loves to take part in these events. See how our advanced dental technology looks and feels in person! We hope to see you at the next dental trade show!

Upcoming Events

Make your plans now to attend the Florida Dental Convention in 2021!
The Florida Dental Convention is back for another year! At the 2021 Florida Dental Convention, we invite you to join Digital Doc in Orlando, Florida, from June 24-26, to learn about the Pathways to Success. In a time when the only thing that is certain is uncertainty, the Florida Dental Convention is delighted to be here for you and to provide you with a firm foundation.

Among the many highlights of FDC2021 will be a comprehensive scientific program featuring more than 130 courses for the entire dental team, opportunities to meet with more than 350 leading dental vendors to learn about new products and technologies, and networking opportunities to boost morale and bring the dental community together.



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