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“I did a demo with every camera available prior to purchase this time around. The price initially was a consideration, but your cameras paid for themselves in the first month of use.”

– Jody L. Brennan, D.D.S

Advanced Dental Technology

Our Digital Doc team is on a mission to help dentists worldwide increase case acceptance and patient rapport by providing them with the best dental technology in the industry. Stop wasting time and money on cheap dental products. Join over 35,000 dentists who have successfully implemented our high-quality dental products into their practices.

IRIS X80 Auto-Focus Intraoral Camera

New Liquid Lens Auto-Focus Dental Camera Keeps Things Sharp & Clear.

An internal computer monitors the image and adjusts the focus automatically from micro to infinity. With Plug-N-Play ease, there is no installation, just plug it in and start taking the high-definition 1080p images over a standard USB 2.0 protocol. Quality is built into every component, from a Sony sensor to the multi-element lens path and prism assembly.

LūM Transillumination

Enhanced detection power with advanced digital technology.

The LUM extends the detection capabilities of America’s leading intraoral camera X80 with well-proven sub-enamel illumination diagnostic methods. This compact, easy-to-use tool provides instant documentation as well as detection of all findings.

The LUM’s specialized LED technology applies a high-intensity light source to the tooth with unique positioning so that the light is traveling perpendicular to the plane of the tooth. In a tooth, without impurities, the light will travel uninterrupted from the buccal surface to the lingual, which can be observed on the occlusal table of the tooth by its uniform illumination. When a tooth has impurities such as fractures or leaking amalgam, the light is dispersed, showing up clearly in near X-ray-like images.

XTG Handheld X-ray

The portable X-ray system, XTG, is an advanced high-frequency dental X-ray apparatus with fixed 60kVDC and 2mA tube current, which is designed to produce diagnostic high-quality X-rays for both film and digital sensors. When X-rays are taken, the devices can be mounted on an optional tripod or arms.

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