In honor of Digital Doc’s 20th Anniversary, we’re featuring some of our team’s finest. We interviewed Jim Schmied, the Design Engineer at Digital Doc, to discuss some his journey. For more information about Digital Doc’s team or Digital Doc products, please contact us today!

Journey with Digital Doc

Jim Schmied originally moved to the Sacramento area in 1998, which is about 21 years ago in June. After Digital Doc presold many of their cameras, he was hired to help get the very first camera model into production and design new products. He knew it was crunch time to get production moving so Digital Doc could fulfill the orders. Although we have better tools now to do so, Solidworks, a 3D modeling software, helped reduce the time to market. Jim currently works in purchasing, production support, and minor IT.

Outside of Digital Doc

When Jim is not at work, he enjoys woodworking as a hobby. He started woodworking in high school, where he made tables and cabinets. Over time, he’s moved toward woodturning. Now, he enjoys making wood bowls, platters, and round wooden boxes.

Personal Growth and Growth As A Company

Jim says bringing new products to the dental market is always a very exciting time, especially when they are well received. Seeing all the design and prototypes from concept to finished product, then to shipping it out to the dentists is the most gratifying part of his job.

How Dental Technology Has Evolved

Jim loves seeing new technology in the dental market. From 3D scanners, pan x-rays, to portable x-rays, and new materials used to make it safer for patients and more efficient for dentists. Modern dental technology has made a difference in Jim’s personal life as well. He had to have Cerec crowns, and he was able to keep his existing teeth. Years ago, the doc would have no choice but to pull his teeth and have full crowns put in place. Similarly, intraoral cameras used to be huge. You’d have to push them on carts with dye-sublimation printers. Now connected to computers, small and portable cameras are much easier to use.

What Separates Digital Doc From Similar Products

Jim says the images that Digital Doc products produce speak for themselves. Side by side comparisons of Digital Doc images is more crisp and sharper than competitors. Additionally, Digital Doc’s customer service isn’t your typical corporate customer service department. When calling during business hours, a real person will answer the phone. Customers don’t need to navigate through a phone tree to reach someone. Many times support techs answer the phones, and the customer is usually surprised to hear that they can help right then and there.

Tips for Dental Teams

If you’re new to intraoral cameras or on the fence about considering this new technology, Jim wants you to keep in mind that a picture is worth a thousand words. Having intraoral cameras in your office will always increase your bottom line. They will pay for themselves in no time. Consider the fact that it’s easier to show a patient the issue rather than explaining it to them. Show the patient what the problem is and why the procedure is necessary. Jim says you’re more likely to get the patient to commit to treatment instead of wait.