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Effective Principles for Practice Management

The Most Effective Principles for Dental Practice Management

Is it possible to have a multi-million-dollar dental practice? The short answer is yes. If you are a business owner, you know how difficult it can be to become this successful. Keep in mind that every successful dental practice, big or small, started somewhere. So, how do you achieve this? Consistently follow these effective principles for practice management

Invest in Quality Dental Practices

Now we live in a high-tech world. Therefore, patients expect advanced dental technology at their dentist’s office. One of the biggest ways you can increase revenue in your practice is by putting a quality intraoral camera in every operatory. Hygiene should be using this device on every patient. They should be showing patients the pictures captured with the dental camera. This will allow patients to physically see the problem instead of having to trust your judgment to start treatment. With Digital Doc technology, you and your patients are able to see more, do more. 

Make Your Office Beautiful & Professional

There is nothing more appealing to potential clients than a dentist’s office that is both professional and aesthetically built. Patients love to see businesses go above and beyond. Our friend Dr. Wade, a dentist in Pinellas Park, FL, is a great example of a dental office that is both fun and inviting for all ages. Their office is beautifully made to match their branding. An office like this will get more referrals than an average office. 

Create a Dream Team

Practice owners should polish their leadership abilities and spend time finding the ideal match for each position because an effective team goes a long way toward advancing their dental practices’ success. Training, mentoring and coaching your employees will help them develop a personal stake in your practice.

Other things that will help include developing a vision statement and goals, empowering your team members by distributing responsibility, investing in career development, conducting frequent evaluations, hosting team activities, and other events designed to inspire cooperation. It may take a while for you to find your dream team, but there are plenty of resources online for hiring new employees.

Enhance the Patient Experience 

In addition to a professional-looking office, outstanding customer service that wows new patients will go a long way toward increasing recurring business. Prepare a script for new patients that shows them how important they are to you, beginning with a warm welcome that eases their fears and ending with a comprehensive oral health examination and treatment plan. Many dentists today are recording welcome videos and post-op videos explaining expectations for treatment. 

Incorporate Problem-Solving Techniques 

Effective problem-solving techniques should be staples in the arsenal of any practice owner. Keep facts in mind at all times. If you can locate someone to help you solve a problem, do so – but keep your budget in mind. Take the appropriate precautions to avoid a recurrence of the condition. Once you’ve solved it, don’t think about it again. Our Digital Doc team is happy to assist you in your journey to success. We’re happy to schedule a virtual demonstration to discuss how our dental products can help you increase revenue. Contact Digital Doc today!

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