HD Quality Dental Images with Dr. Delwin Hemingway - IRIS Intraoral Camera Digital Doc

HD Quality Dental Images with Dr. Delwin R. Hemingway

We recently spoke with Dr. Delwin R. Hemingway about his experience with intraoral cameras. Dr. Hemingway has been in the dental industry for over forty years now. His experience goes way beyond the average dentist. He started out as a dental lab technician and eventually became the successful dentist he is today. Throughout his journey, Dr. Hemingway was an associate dentist, a partner in a group practice, the owner and CEO of a large practice which employs several dentists, and a Fortune Executive Coach. Dr. Hemingway has earned the “Best Designed Dental Practice of the Year in 2006” and “Best Integration of Technology into a Dental Practice in America in 2006.” What’s his secret? His ability to provide quality care to his patients using the latest dental technology.

The Best Investment For Your Dental Practice

Dr. Hemingway’s best return he’s ever made was on an intraoral camera. He started using his first intraoral camera back in 1988 when DentaCam first came out. Today, Dr. Hemingway says, “The state-of-the-art intraoral camera is the IRIS intraoral camera from Digital Doc. We use it every day on almost every patient. We have eight operatories. We have one of these in every operatory so you don’t have to go find it, you don’t have to wait for it, you can pick up the camera and take your pictures. I find this as one of the best, if not the best, source for showing patients what’s going on. They understand what needs to be done. I couldn’t practice dentistry without an intraoral camera and IRIS gives me the clarity in the image that I’m looking for.” Dr. Hemingway continues to provide the best patient care using Digital Doc’s IRIS intraoral camera. For questions about our IRIS intraoral camera or any other Digi Doc products, contact us today to schedule a FREE demo!