Help  Patients Say Yes to Treatment

A recent statistic states that there is $32 billion in treatment approved for financing Care Credit still waiting to be scheduled – why?

Why are patients not ready to purchase? Are my services not good enough? Are they going to find another dentist?

Sometimes we forget our patients are consumers too. The reason why they may not be ready to purchase is most likely because of the thought process behind consumer purchases.

Think about the last time you purchased something. Maybe you bought a flat screen TV or a brand-new car or limited addition shoes you.

What made you buy it? Was it the product itself? Was it the look, the feel or the design of the product? Was the product on sale? Did you need your purchase or did your emotions play a role in your decision?

The average consumer today buys based on their emotion. So how do I get my patients to buy from me when there seems like there’s little room for improvement?

Well, many doctors will say “My intraoral camera image is good enough.”  But good enough for who?  The highly educated consumer sitting in your chair with a $1,150 cell phone in their pocket? 

The average consumer today expects the best experience possible, so they will notice if your office equipment is outdated. New technology, like intraoral cameras, is constantly improving so there’s always room for improvement, Consider upgrading your cameras and monitors in your office to make their experience even better.