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Patient Case Acceptance Tips

Patient Case Acceptance Tips and Tricks

You might be the best dentist with the most perfect hand skills in the world, but if you can’t express why patients should let you address their dental issues, your success in dentistry will be restricted. 

Luckily, there are numerous strategies to encourage increased case acceptance. However, they all entail adhering to consistent standards to ensure that the patient is adequately taught and given the opportunity to begin treatment as soon as possible. Below, Digital Doc, maker of the best intraoral camera, shares some pointers to help you enhance case acceptance in your practice.

The Monitor Quality Matters

It’s worth noting that it’s not simply about the monitor’s size. Quality is also important, especially for younger patients who have grown up in the HD era. They are accustomed to high-quality photos and anticipate them at the dentist.

Purchase high-tech equipment, such as Digi-Doc dental cameras. They are simple to sterilize and transport, particularly in this COVID-19 period when people are concerned about being contaminated.

Establish a Welcoming Environment

Long before they meet you, your patients build an opinion of you.  Also, our handheld x-ray team recommends adding chat function to your website that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer queries and collect essential information for your staff to plan. You’re establishing a good first impression by making it simple for patients to access the information they need.

Additionally, our friend Dr. Boals, dentist Colorado Springs, recommends that you make a personal call to your patient. A patient a personal call is another simple method to make a good first impression before they ever reach your clinic. Assign a team member to choose the most important cases for the next day, and have the dentist or hygienist phone to say they’re excited to meet them.  The idea is to demonstrate your dedication to client service and develop goodwill.

Establish an Emotional Bond

People make decisions depending on their emotions. For example, they are more inclined to conduct business with you if they like you.

Every encounter with every member of your staff will impact how the patient perceives your practice. Begin by asking the patient about their day or offering a compliment if you believe it will be favorably accepted. Then ask them questions about their visit, demonstrating your inherent empathy and care.

Identify Potential Treatment Obstacles

There are many reasons why individuals do not pursue treatment. Some of them include money issues, time commitment, and fear. You can resolve any of these concerns and boost the chance of case acceptance if you recognize them early on.

You can also find out if there is a particular event coming up or any circumstance that could affect the patient’s timeframe. Then you may provide that information to the doctor.

Assist Patients in Overcoming Cost Concerns

The most effective strategy to boost case acceptance is to teach your team on how to effectively and compassionately disclose treatment costs.
The most crucial step is to reassure the patient that cost is a typical worry and that your staff has assisted many people just like them in affording the treatment they require and deserve.

For more tips on Patient Acceptance, check out what Dr. Sully Sullivan  and Dr. Mark Hyman have to say below. 

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