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Pediatric Dentists Need Advanced Technology

Why Pediatric Dentists Need Advanced Dental Technology

Pediatric dentistry is one of the most interesting field of dentistry! It cares for newborns, children, and adolescents. Dentists provide a wide range of treatments, including those for baby teeth, secondary teeth, and various oral and gum issues. Treatments also include assistance with dental trauma, cavity treatment, and newborn oral health screenings. Pediatric Dentists need advanced dental technology in their practices so they can deliver top-of-the-line dental care.

What Is the Importance of Pediatric Dentistry?

How frequently do kids fall off their bikes and get their teeth hurt? Or have they suffered damage to their mouth as a result of something else?  While there are several benefits to working with children, it is not without challenges. Children despise being given injections. Often, they dislike the taste of fluoride. It’s almost as though they’re already aware of the ups and downs of dentist appointments!

The good news is… technology can save the day by making the dental experience either for both the dentist and the patient. 

Handheld X-Rays in Pediatric Dentistry

With the aforementioned issues in mind, technologies are being developed to make the duties of pediatric dentists easier and easier. The use of handheld x-rays is a great example. Below, our client, Dr. Juan Yepes, shares his experience with Digital Doc’s Handheld X-Ray. 

Many practitioners employ digital X-rays on children.One clear benefit of modern X-ray heads and digital radiographs is that our sensitive tiny patients are exposed to less radiation.

Another advantage is that radiographic examinations may be obtained at a younger age. Children between the ages of 3 and 5 are frequently unable to get radiographs taken and acquire lesions in their mouths as a result. This is typically the case since not all practices have smaller plates or sensors. Size zero or one are the most appropriate. Dr. Ari Hobfoll, pediatric dentist in Salt Lake City, shares that before, he was unable to view youngsters without sensors of this size. A combination of proper size sensors and experience will aid in the early detection of carious lesions. This will help lower the cost and length of therapy for parents.

Intraoral Video Cameras

Our Intraoral camera displays a picture of a child’s teeth on a monitor. As follows, everyone can see a magnified version of the problem and how to fix it this way. The X80’s liquid lens autofocus keeps things sharp and clear, allowing you to show patients rather than explain them what’s going on. Additionally, these cameras detect cracked teeth or flaws in fillings that traditional X-rays cannot. They are designed and sized similarly to dental mirrors. They enable parents to make more informed decisions about their children’s oral health and dental care. Thus, pediatric dentists need technology like an intraoral camera to better serve their young patients. 

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