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Super Crisp Imaging Matters

Why Super Crisp Imaging Matters

For many years, dental practitioners have struggled to describe a patient’s clinical state, and explain recommended treatment strategies. Because there was no tangible proof to back up the dentist’s statements, there was always a sense of unease. Luckily, today, there are many available products on the market to increase clarity and patient experience. In dentistry, it’s true that super crisp imaging matters. As follows, Digital Doc, our advanced dental technology company, created products with visual clarity. This makes it easier for dentists and patients to have full visibility as to what is going on in each case. 

Why High Definition

When choosing to invest in a dental camera, it is essential to choose an HD optoin. When a practice invests in high definition dental cameras,  patients may now view what their dentists see: precise, magnified details of their teeth. Then, patients are included in the process. Thus, allowing them to fully understand what is going on and why the proposed therapy is required.

Intraoral cameras are a significant tool during consultations because it allows for instant photographs. Dental practitioners and patients will analyze past photographs. Additionally, they will take new ones, and compare changes, reducing patient anxiety. Plus, this fosters a trusting patient-doctor connection.

Also, another important consideration is the rate at which intraoral pictures are transferred to a computer monitor. Particularly, when the camera is moving within the mouth. This impacts your HD Monitor that shows what you’re doing to the patient. Below, Dr. Johnathon Silva with Chesterfield Family Dental shares why chooses Digital Doc products. Also, he elaborates on why he put an HD camera and monitor at every chair. 

Quality Matters

Additionally, In many ways, high-quality photography improves patient communication. Sometimes, when patients aren’t in pain, they have a hard time understanding why they need their dental work. As follows, these pain are rarely aware that they have a problem. However, when they are shown an image that they can see and comprehend, they are way more likely to go through with their procedures.  

Below, hear what Dr. Adam Van Leeuwen has to say about his experience with our intraoral cameras.

Patients Care About Modern Dental Technology

Today, more and more patients are looking to see a dentist who has advanced modern dental cameras and technology. Because of developments in dental technology, the dentist’s office experience has improved substantially over the previous 15 years. As follows, modern dental offices equipped with cutting-edge technology assist to improve the patient experience. Then, this maximizes oral health, and creates excellent outcomes. Dr. O’Grady, Denver Highlands dentist, couldn’t agree more. He explained that one of the most important aspects of his practice is the modern technology they are are able to offer patients. Patients want to see that the latest, greatest technology is being used in their appointments. 

Contact Digital Doc Today For a Demo

At Digital Doc, our team prides ourselves on our user-friendly, super crisp cameras. Dentists all over the country experience the benefits of utilizing these products, and seeing why super crisp imaging matters.

Do you want to learn more about our Digital Doc products? To arrange a virtual demonstration, please contact Digital Doc right away.

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