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Tips for Running A Successful Dental Practice

Best Tips for Running A Successful Dental Practice in 2021

Patient retention rates are affected by how you run your dental office. As you know, running a dental practice is not easy, especially if it’s your new at it. Even the best dentist may have trouble running a successful practice. The way you run your practice will influence your patients’ experience, therefore affecting your ROI. Our Digital Doc team has worked with thousands of dentists worldwide. Below are a few tips for running a successful dental practice.

What Distinguishes Your Dental Practice?

It’s obvious that there are dental practices everywhere. So, what sets you apart from all of the rest? It can be difficult to show prospects why they should become an established patient. A few things that could help you stand out are identifying what matters most to them. Patients these days want to go to a dentist who has a beautiful office, friendly staff, advanced dental technology, and a great reputation. It’s not just about the service you provide, but how you make them feel. We’ve seen more and more dental offices putting effort into making an aesthetically pleasing office. Make your office fun, warm, and inviting. 

Office Culture

As we mentioned before, there’s a lot more that goes into creating the perfect experience for your patients. If you’re struggling to run a successful dental practice, dive a little deeper into office culture. The environment of your office will directly affect your patients. If something is off between team members, they will notice. Consider doing daily and weekly team meetings, team bonding, or offering incentives. Talk it through with your team and find out what they’d like to change. Happier employees will help your office culture!

Expand Services & Dental Technology

When it comes time to expand your patient base, consider how you may improve value. Many dental offices today are investing in advanced dental technology. Dental products such as intraoral cameras, dental sensors, and portable x-rays show patients that their oral health is valued. Additionally, completing continuing education credits will show patients that you are staying on top of the latest dental practices. Be sure to utilize your marketing to showcase your new certifications.

Flexible Financial Options

Now more than ever, patients do not have dental insurance. Many dental practices offer new patient specials or financial options. If you are not offering this to your patients, you could be losing out on new leads. Aside from insurance, accessible financial alternatives include debit, credit, personal check, and cash, as well as customized financing to guarantee that personal financial situations do not interfere with oral health care selections.

Get More Patients Referrals

Nothing beats a word-of-mouth reference when it comes to expanding your patient base. A trustworthy referral from a friend, family member, colleague, or even the internet may be the only reason a patient picks your dental clinic over another. Our friends Dr. Cody Boals and Dr. Alexa Johnson, your Colorado Springs dentists, love doing monthly giveaways and smile makeovers. They recommend promoting these giveaways on social media. This is another great way to impatient patient referrals. 

Now that you have some tips for running a successful dental practice, you can start working on becoming the best local dentist in your area. For more information on our dental products, contact Digital Doc today! You may also schedule a free virtual demonstration with your Digital Doc representative!

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