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Why Every Dentist Needs Advanced Dental Technology

The Reasons Why Every Dentists Need Advanced Dental Technology

With the popularity of contemporary dentistry on the rise, high-quality dental equipment is a necessary. One of the most crucial items a dental practice may invest in is intraoral cameras and handheld dental x-ray devices. Below, this article outlines some of the reasons why every dentists needs advanced technology. In addition, learn about some of our Digital Doc clients’ experiences with our technology.

Case Acceptance Increases as Communication Improves

When a dental condition is not evident to the human eye, it can be difficult to persuade patients of the amount or gravity of the problem. Thus, intraoral cameras reduce communication barriers between the patient and the clinician, allowing the patient to better grasp what is at stake. Furthermore, once you’ve provided the patient with visual evidence to back up the therapy, it’s much simpler for them to comply with it. Dr. Kim, dentist in Lexington KY, agrees. She says that investing in intraoral cameras for her office drastically increased patient acceptance.  Thus, our dental cameras team shares that this can help you to interact more effectively with your patients and improve overall communication. 

Improve Patient-Dentist Relationships

Also, dentists can use intraoral cameras to show and discuss dental concerns to patients in real time. Intraoral cameras from Digital Doc aid in the detection of difficult-to-find issues such as tooth fractures, pulp exposures, and cavities. With sub-enamel illumination diagnostic procedures, the LūM, our transilluminator, improves detection capabilities. LūM involves the application of a high-intensity light source to the teeth, allowing clinicians to correctly diagnose and recommend therapy. Involving patients in the diagnostic and treatment process also enables you to build a trusting relationship with them and reduces their worry. Overall, employing intraoral cameras to diagnose and treat patients can aid in patient rapport building.

Hear it From Our Customers

As you can see, it is clear why every dentist needs advanced dental technology to better serve their patients. 

Below, Dr. Vasilakis and Dr. Grote share their experiences using Digital Doc technology for the last few years. 

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