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Why Your Office Needs LuM Transillumination

The Benefits of Adding LuM Transillumination to Your Office

Every dentist should strive to accurately diagnose their patients’ conditions. Luckily, there is a nearly endless list of dental technologies that can help with that. The LuM Transillumination is one device that will take your diagnostic powers into superpower territory. The LuM sub-enamel illumination device brings the powers of the IRIS dental camera to the front, and detecting and documenting caries becomes a breeze. Here are some reasons why your office needs LuM Transillumination. 

Exposing What Digital X-Rays Don’t Show

Oftentimes, patients will come to your dental office with digital x-ray images that, frankly, are so poor-quality that you are unable to use them for diagnostic purposes.

Get a better look at the patient’s teeth with the help of the LuM device. You’ll likely be able to see caries that hadn’t been captured by the x-ray images, and this will give you a chance to diagnose and recommend early treatment before tooth decay progresses. This sub-enamel illumination device is particularly useful if the x-rays are recent, and you don’t want to expose the patient to any additional radiation if such can be avoided.

By so doing, you’ll be able to help the patient get treatment sooner. Without this device, you wouldn’t be able to thoroughly diagnose and treat your patient. 

Positioning Your Practice as Progressive

The LuM sub-enamel illumination device is one piece of technology that gets the job done and helps you stand out as a dental office.

Many patients are impressed by this advanced technology. In fact, patients prefer modern dentists over traditional dentists. So, if you upgrade your dental technology in your practice, make sure you properly introduce these new dental products before using them on the patient. Your patients will appreciate your dental care even more. 

Patient Education

Many dentists long to have patients who will not doubt any treatment recommendation that they make, and the LuM transillumination device is just the tool they need. Armed with high-quality images captured with the help of this device, you will no longer have to TELL patients what you see. Instead, you will SHOW them exactly what the problem is, and there will be no doubt in their mind that they need treatment immediately.

Dr. Leeson, a cosmetic dentist in St. Pete, FL, agrees that educating patients in this way is better done when you have large screens in your practice where the images can be beamed. So, consider investing in large HD screens for your office.

The LuM sub-enamel transillumination device pays for itself. The increase in case acceptance is undeniable. This device is something that confers immense clinical benefits, so put it at the top of your priority list as you upgrade the technology at your dental office. At Digital Doc, we are always happy to help during this process. If you want to learn more about Digi-Doc’s best dental cameras, the best handheld dental x-ray device, and of course, the LuM transillumination device. Get in touch today! We can schedule your virtual demonstration today.

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