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XTG Training with Casie Taylor

Team XTG Training with Casie Taylor

XTG Training with Casie Taylor

Digital Doc’s XTG Handheld X-ray Device is one of our most popular Digital Doc products. Doctors love that the device is portable and easy to use. Hygienists no longer have to move patients from the dental chair to take x-rays. Additionally, the device has lower radiation exposure and comes with rechargeable batteries. To learn more about the XTG x-ray device, please schedule a virtual demonstration with our team. Below is a brief explanation of XTG training with Casie Taylor. 

Operating the Portable X-Ray Device

To turn on your device, hold down the button with a circle with the dot located on the top of the device. Note that the device will not turn on if you simply tap the button. You’ll notice that the screen lights up blue once the device is on. 

Preset Setting Options

The “S” button directly across the screen will go between the different preset options. If you want to change the settings, press down on this button. On the bottom of the screen, you’ll notice that an “S” begins to flash. You can adjust the numbers with the up and down arrows. Once you’ve adjusted the settings, hold down the “S” again to save the changes. It’ll then say “Ready,” and you’re good to go!

When using sensors on adult patients, we recommend starting at about 0.28. For pedo patients, we recommend going lower than that. It’s completely up to the doctor on what settings you choose. Some doctors will have one setting for all patients. Casie usually starts with the lower settings and works her way up. In the XTG Training video, she shows us that she starts at 0.20, 0.28, 0.30, 0.35, 0.40, 0.15 si. Some people do set it depending on the icon and the teeth they’re capturing of. The icons just change your exposure time. 


XTG Training Casie Taylor

Taking X-Rays

When taking your x-rays, we recommend wearing the device with its strap. Put the strap over your shoulder as if you were wearing a guitar or purse. Having it hang over your right hip gives team members the ability to use their hands as they please without it getting in the way. 

Exposing Your X-Ray 

To expose your x-ray device, hold the device as if you were using a camera. You can find the exposure button on the right side. Use your pointer finger to click once, and then click and hold the button through the beeping noises. Afterward, your x-rays are complete! Make sure not to let go before the beeps have stopped. It’ll say “Ready” on the screen when the device is ready for the next x-ray. 


Safety You’ll want to stay as close behind the shield as possible. The shield protects you from backscatter radiation. It’s okay to ask the patient to move their heads or turn towards you when taking x-rays. Protecting the operator from radiation exposure is very important. 

Lastly, we recommend wiping the device down with your dirty gloves as soon as you’re done with the device. Once you’ve wiped down the device, you can take the device off your shoulder. This will help avoid cross-contamination of not having to grab the strap. Questions? Contact Digital Doc! Our team is happy to help. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated on our latest offers.

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