Iris Camera Installer

IRIS Camera Installer

Digital Doc IRIS Camera Installer

Spend less time installing…

The Iris Setup Program greatly simplifies the previous method of device installation.

Simply choose your Imaging Software from a list of compatible applications, and all video and capture settings will be set correctly.

Click Here for the Installer
Includes 32-bit & 64-bit Drivers for Video and Capture.
Compatible with: Windows 11, Windows 10; Windows 8, 8.1; Windows 7.

(The installer can be used for both new and existing installations; it is currently shipping with all new Iris cameras)

 Click here for an Installation Manual covering running the installer.

Click here for a Quick Start Guide covering the installer.

Focus Revision

IRIS Camera Focus Revision

Focus Revision

To assist in making the IRIS camera as user friendly as possible, Digital Doc has revised the dial text to represent the 5 separate focal positions: F S 2 1 and M.

This replaces the Roman numerals found on the original dial.



IRIS Camera Uninstall Utility

IRIS Camera Uninstall Utility

Digital Doc IRIS Camera Uninstall Utility

Download the IRIS Camera Uninstall Utility

1. Extract file to your computer.

2. Double-click the “USB_Uninst.exe” file.


3. With camera connected click the “Uninstall” button.  Unplug camera after utility completes running.


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