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The Benefits of LŪM

Everything You Need to Know About LŪM

The LŪM Transillumination is one dental technology that has been know to boost your diagnostic abilities to higher levels. The LŪM sub-enamel lighting device brings the IRIS dental camera’s capabilities to the forefront, identifying cracks in teeth and cavities. Here are some of the reasons your patients will benefit from LŪM Transillumination

Getting to the Bottom of What Digital X-Rays Don’t Show

Patients coming to your office for a second opinion will frequently present themselves to your dental practice with digital x-ray pictures. These pictures can sometimes be taken on older model equipment that just doesn’t give us the clarity we need today. With LŪM transillumination technology, you will be able to identify caries that the x-ray scans may have missed. Using LŪM allows you to diagnose and propose early treatment before tooth decay spreads. This sub-enamel illuminating addon to our Iris X80 is a convenient and all device you clip onto the top of your Intraoral Camera.

Positioning Your Practice as Forward-Thinking

The LŪM sub-enamel is one piece of equipment that does the job and makes your dental practice stand out.

This cutting-edge technology has wowed many patients. Patients prefer modern dental offices over dental offices who may be behind the times on dental technology. So, if you are investing in dental technology in your practice, make sure you adequately present why you are using each technology to your patients before utilizing them. Patient education at every step is crucial in the treatment planning conversation. 

Why Does Your Office Need LŪM Transillumination? – Digital Doc Patient Education

Many dentists love dentistry but struggle with the patient communication element. Having dental technology like LŪM transillumination is an incredible communication tool allowing patients to see clearly what is happening with their teeth. You will no longer have to tell patients what you see and convince them that treatment is in their best interest. Instead, you will SHOW them exactly what the problem is, and then the conversation becomes more about treatment planning.

Dr. Leeson, a cosmetic dentist in St. Pete, FL, feels that educating patients in this manner is more effective when you have large screens in your facility where the visuals may be shown. Consider purchasing huge 4K HD displays for your office to really create a presentation style approach. 

Contact Digital Doc Today

The LŪM sub-enamel transillumination device is self-sustaining. The rise in case acceptance is measurable once you start changing the way the conversation is being presented to clients. In addition, LŪM provides significant diagnostic benefits, so place it at the top of your priority list when you enhance your dental office’s technology. The Digital Doc team is always delighted to assist you in your practice growth. Visit our website to learn more about Digital Doc’s dental cameras, the best handheld dental x-ray equipment, and of course, LŪM transillumination. Contact us today! We can set up your virtual presentation right now.

X80 Camera and LUM Demonstration
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