Why Choose Digital Doc Technology?

Why Choose Digital Doc Technology?

Why Choose Digital Doc Technology?

Why Digital Doc?

Why Choose Digital Doc Technology?

Why Digital Doc?

You may have come across many companies in your search for potential suppliers of digital dentistry equipment for your dental practice. Additionally, you may be wondering why you should choose Digital Doc over another manufacturer. Read on and see for yourself what dental care professionals and the team behind Digital Doc have to offer.

Sharing Dental Cameras is Not Practical

Wouldn’t having just one intraoral camera in each dental practice suffice? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The demands of daily work in dental offices makes it difficult for multiple professionals to share one camera.

Emphasis on Customer Support

“It’s not just a transaction to us. It’s not a here’s a camera, good luck with the camera!” Brett Wilson, President (Digital Doc)

One of the biggest reasons why you should select Digital Doc products is that the acquisition of the dental technology is just the beginning of your relationship with us. We offer unparalleled support to our customers on an ongoing basis, so they learn to see us as partners.

Our commitment to great customer service goes starts with our customer interactions. We ensure that any calls made to us are answered by a human rather than a robot. 


Doctors are telling us they are able to see things you just can’t see on a traditional x-ray. The XTG handheld x-ray drives patient experience and reduces a full mouth series, in terms of time, by half. This time savings makes it worthwhile to add the XTG, even if you already have an x-ray in every room. 

At Digital Doc, we fiercely implement a culture of excellence. We know that you would like to uphold excellence at your dental practice as well. That is why we invite you to partner with us as your provider of digital dental equipment, such as the best intraoral cameras, handheld dental x-ray devices, LUM transillumination devices and all accessories needed to get optimum value from our products. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can be of service!

Why Does Every Dentist Needs an Intraoral Camera

Why Does Every Dentist Needs an Intraoral Camera

Why Does Every Dentist Needs an Intraoral Camera

The Importance of Having An Intraoral Camera

Why Does Every Dentist Needs an Intraoral Camera

Why Every Dentist Needs an Intraoral Camera

With modern dentistry on the rise, quality dental equipment is an absolute must. Intraoral cameras and handheld dental x-ray machines are one of the most important tools a dental office can invest in. This article discusses some of the reasons why every dentist needs an intraoral camera.

Early Detection of Oral Health Problems

Many patients fear the dentist and would do just about anything to avoid an invasive and costly dental procedure. Luckily, Digital Doc offers a wide range of intraoral cameras that are perfect for detecting oral health problems in the beginning stages. Treatment is often less painful, expensive and time-consuming when the problem is caught sooner than later. If you have intraoral cameras in your office, you will put your patients and your patients will be more at ease.

Improving Communication Improves Case Acceptance

When a dental problem is not visible to the naked eye, it can be hard to convince patients the extent or seriousness of the issue. Intraoral cameras decrease communication barriers between the patient and the doctor, giving the patient a better understanding of what’s at stake. Furthermore, it’s much easier for the patient to comply with treatment once you’ve given them the visual data to back it up. Investing in intraoral cameras in your office will allow you to communicate effectively with your patients and improve your overall case acceptance.

Improving Patient Rapport

Intraoral cameras allow dentists to show and explain dental problems to patients in real-time. Digital Doc’s intraoral cameras help locate hard-to-find problems such as tooth fractures, pulp exposures, and caries. The LUM enhances detection capabilities with sub-enamel illumination diagnostic methods. LUM applies high-intensity light source to the tooth, which allows professionals to accurately assess and advise treatment. Also, including patients in the diagnosis and treatment process allows you to establish a trustworthy relationship with the patient and reduce their anxiety. Overall, using intraoral cameras to diagnose and treat patients can help you build patient rapport.

Market Your Dental Practice’s Dental Technology

Market Your Dental Practice’s Dental Technology

Market Your Dental Practice’s Dental Technology

Marketing Your Dental Practice’s Dental Technology

Dental technology has moved our industry forward in unprecedented ways. New methods to improve dental treatment have been introduced into dental practices allowing patients to see clearly the problem areas that need to be addressed. For example, dental practices using the XTG handheld x-ray, a multi-operation portable x-ray machine, offers patients comfort and ease compared with the inconvenience they may face using the older more traditional x-ray machines.

But just having the XTG handheld x-ray machine and using this advanced technology to treat patients is not sufficient. Making the most of the technology you own involves marketing yourself as having and using the technology. You will need to market your use of XTG Handheld x-ray in your practice to your potential customers.

You will need to know the effective means to communicate the information to your patients, as well as where the patients will be interacting with your dental practice, in order to spread the word about the patient-centric benefits of your XTG Handheld X-Ray device.

Explain the Benefits of Your Dental Technology

The majority of your patients will be unfamiliar with the technical details of your dental equipment and practices. The may not have the expertise to understand and differentiate between the more technical aspects of the technology you are offering. You should avoid using technical jargon when you are communicating with your patients, be it online or offline.

Market Your Dental Practice’s Dental Technology

Telling your patients that the XTG handheld x-ray device is equipped with 60 KV Frequency x-ray will not resonate with them as well as it may do with you. Patients will be more interested in knowing how the dental technology will make their visit to the dentist more comfortable and convenient.

Showing patients the convenience of a portable x-ray will obviously allow them to stay comfortably in the operatory. More importantly, it will separate you from the next dentist. Your patients are able to get their x-ray done quickly, which will also make your teams’ processes more efficient. Portable dental x-rays will reassure the patients that will not have to change rooms between treatments or wait in line to get their x-ray done, but rather they will be facilitated in one place without interruption.

While having this awesome technology is exciting for you and your team, how do you market advancements in your practice without giving the impression that you are splurging on the latest toys unnecessarily? 

Leverage Your Presence on Social Media

Patients nowadays can interact with your dental practice from many sources. They can call you to get information. They can search for your practice online via a Google search or through your website. They may also visit your social media pages such as on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It is imperative that you are prepared with the correct information to give your patients so that they realize that their needs fit with your dental practice.

Information describing the XTG Handheld x-ray and giving details about its benefits should be displayed on your website; ideally, a whole separate page should be dedicated to this purpose. You can also include blog posts which highlight how it improves the treatment of patients.

Social media is a very effective channel to connect with existing or potential patients. It allows you to engage with them interactively. You should have your presence felt on your social media pages and utilize them to give descriptive information to your patients. You should also post pictures or videos of the technology being used highlighting its benefit to the patients, or brief videos of happy patients commenting on their experience. This will also allow you to expand your list of “followers.”



The Importance of Keeping Up with Current Dental Technology

The Importance of Keeping Up with Current Dental Technology

The new iPhone 15 is here and so many consumers purchased they are already on backorder.  Technology, like the best intraoral camera, is transforming the field of dentistry before our very eyes bringing flexibility, immediacy, and efficiency to a new level. These changes have created an urgency for dental practices to keep up with technology for a number of reasons.

Increased Efficiency

Keeping up with new dental technology in a competitive industry is vital to the well being of your dental practice. An example of how technology can increase efficiency can be seen through practice management software streamlining workflows at the dental office.

With a well-integrated digital system, images captured in an operatory using intraoral cameras can be immediately sent to the patient’s file, where other team members can access that information in real-time. This saves the time that would have been lost in redundant tasks. No more shuffling physical files looking for a particular patient’s records. No more carrying physical files and taking them to an external lab for dental restorations to be made. The efficiency brought when your practice embraces technology can free a lot of time and ease the pressure to hire more staff.

Meeting Patients’ Expectations

Technology isn’t only revolutionizing the field of dentistry. It is happening in every aspect of life, and patients are in the thick of it. That being said, patients don’t only expect that their dentist uses the latest technology, they actually demand it. Their demands may not be voiced directly to you, but patients make their views known by which dental offices they go to for the care that they need.

Word of mouth travels fast, and patients who have been undergoing traditional office staff members “leaving the room” protocol to hit a xray button.  Now, with XTG from Digi-Doc patient experience improves with a full mouth series time being cut in half.  The patient is happier with the faster treatment and the office saves time on every patient.  Save 4 minutes on every patient and hygienists have plenty of time to take 12 intraoral photos in 2 minutes with the new Autofocus X80 intraoral camera.  Such offices are more in tune with the current times.

The message is clear. If you want to retain patients and even attract more to your dental practice, it is important for you to keep up with dental technology.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Let’s face it, what is happening in the rest of the dental field exerts some pressure on each dental practice. If other dental practices are embracing dental technology like digital dental cameras, and you are adamant that your “analog” equipment and systems will suffice, you are likely to fall behind your peers in the industry. That could spell doom for your dental office since you risk having unsustainably high costs of operation, unhappy staff, unhappy patients, and inefficiencies that eventually choke your business.

The fact that the digital dental technology industry is expected to be worth more than $7 billion means that thousands of dental practices have embraced technology, and you will fall far behind the competition if you don’t do the same.

Improved Patient Outcomes

The test of any dental practice is the results that patients get from that office whether those results are to do with top-of-the-range preventive care or actual treatment of dental conditions that arise.

This is where embracing dental technology takes on a higher degree of importance. Technology makes it possible to catch dental problems sooner in addition to delivering treatment in a less invasive yet effective way.

For example, the LUM Transillumination tool provided by Digi-Doc ensures that you will catch caries early before they become a bigger threat to the oral health of your patients.

Similarly, the XTG Handheld X-Ray offers better care to patients by reducing the amount of radiation that they are exposed to.

Digital dental technologies such as those highlighted above reduce how much time a patient spends in a dentist’s chair yet. Reduced chair time comes with better diagnosis and treatment outcomes. These benefits alone make a very strong case for staying up to date with technology at your dental practice. When patients are satisfied with the treatment they receive, attrition rates will go down, and more patients will be drawn to your office.

Attracting and Retaining the Best Staff

Having the right tools goes a long way in increasing your team’s job satisfaction.

If your dental practice has “old school” equipment and systems, you risk losing your best employees to other dental practices that have made technological advancements in their systems and equipment.

And you know that without good staff, the countdown to the end of your practice may as well have started. Put an end to this risk by keeping up with the technological advancements in your field.

As you can see, you can no longer ignore digital technology in dentistry. While these new technologies could seem costly to acquire for your practice, it is possible to integrate them gradually. Also, many of our customers claim to have instant ROI when they use intraoral cameras because patients can actually see the problem. This influences patients to start treatment immediately instead of pushing it off. Before long, your practice will not only keep up with technology, but you could easily be years ahead of other dental practices!

Intraoral Cameras Give Your Patients A Clear Picture

Intraoral Cameras Give Your Patients A Clear Picture

Clarity Matters To Your Patients

How Intraoral Cameras Can Improve the Care Your Patients Receive



Modern dentistry has come a long way. Patients now expect the highest standard of care without undue inconveniences. One of the diagnostic tools that can help your dental practice to meet those high patient expectations effortlessly is the X90 HD intraoral camera. This article discusses some of the ways dental intraoral cameras can increase the level of patient care and communication in your dental practice.

High-Tech Dental Imaging

Providing a high standard of care to your patients starts with making the right diagnosis each time you examine or assess a dental patient is the standard today. Dental technology has come so far, yet some Dentists are spending what it would cost to upgrade their equipment on a couple of months worth of Google Adwords. Which is where we pose the question, What has a better long-term return from your practice? Increasing new patient numbers is great but do we sometimes overlook the value of using technology to help us create long-term and short-term treatment plans. Many of the diagnostic tools available in the past were unable to give clear images upon which a definitive diagnosis could be made. Today we are in a vastly different space.

X90 intraoral cameras have changed all that. They enable you as a dentist to get ultra-clear images of the structures inside a patient’s mouth. Consequently, you will be able to make a diagnosis faster and more accurately. Our liquid lens technology is unlike any other intraoral camera on the market today. Any oral health treatment plan will deliver your patient with a sense of trust and comfort moving forward. Your patients will grow to value the services you offer, and your bottom line will improve due to the high patient retention rates.

Less Invasive Dental Procedures

Not many patients look forward to a dental visit. Part of that reluctance has to do with the way the dentist used to practice dentistry. The visual is that getting poked with different dental tools is just the start of an uncomfortable experience. Your patients today should be excited about the 4k quality images you can share with them. Despite our collective efforts to change the perception, dental visits are still perceived to be uncomfortable enough that patients put off visits until they become unavoidable.

With X90 dental cameras, the patient experience is turned around since the camera can quickly capture detailed images of all the oral structures. Your team  can analyze those images in order to properly diagnose the patient collaboratively and transparently. Consequently, the time that a patient spends in the dental chair can be reduced significantly. This time-saving diagnostic procedure ultimately makes patients less apprehensive about keeping their dentist appointments.

Cooperative Diagnosis & Case Acceptance

Another key way intraoral cameras can improve the patient’s experience and the quality of care provided is through the cooperative diagnosis that can be done. You can use a computer screen to show the patient the images that are being taken by the IRIS intraoral camera in real time. Alternatively, you can take all the needed images and review them with your patient once he or she is out of the dental chair.

This interactive process will enable you to show the patient any issues discovered during the assessment. You can then go on to explain the options available for treating the condition discovered.

The patient will be in a better position to make an informed decision about the different treatment options you suggest. Consequently, that patient will be more likely to adhere to any instructions that you give when treating him or her.

The net result is that the treatment will succeed since all parties will be working together to attain mutually-beneficial goals.

As you can see, you can use your newly acquired IRIS intraoral camera as a way to alleviate any fears that your patients may have. Use the intraoral camera as frequently as possible so that your dental practice can increase the effectiveness of patient assessment and treatment.

Revolutionize Your Practice With Intraoral Camera Solutions

Revolutionize Your Practice With Intraoral Camera Solutions

Revolutionize Your Practice With Intraoral Camera Solutions

Revolutionize Your Practice With Intraoral Camera Solutions

Dental practice is one field where dentists need to be at the top of their game to succeed. Along with providing effective treatment, it is also necessary for dentists to be able to connect with their patients and help them understand the problems and solutions. This can be done by using intraoral camera solutions that provide high-quality visuals of the inside of the mouth. In this blog, we will discuss how intraoral cameras can help revolutionize your dental practice.

Revolutionize Your Practice With Intraoral Camera Solutions

Better diagnosis and patient education

With intraoral cameras, it becomes easier to diagnose the patient’s problems accurately. This is because the images provided by the cameras are of high resolution and clarity, which allows the dentist to identify the problem areas precisely. Additionally, the visuals help the patient understand what the problem is and what the possible solutions might be. This ensures a smooth flow of communication between the dentist and the patient, which helps build trust and a healthy patient-dentist relationship.

Improved treatment planning

During the process of treatment planning, it is important to consider all the details of the patient’s condition. Intraoral cameras can be used to scan the inside of the mouth and provide detailed visuals of the teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues. By using the images, the dentist can make informed decisions while planning the treatment. They can even show the patient what the final result will look like, thereby boosting their confidence in the procedure.


Intraoral cameras are fast and efficient, reducing the time required for diagnosis, treatment, and patient education. For instance, traditional methods of taking impressions using putty can take up to an hour, but intraoral cameras can produce digital impressions within minutes. This not only saves time but also improves the accuracy and efficiency of the procedure.

Increased patient satisfaction

Patients appreciate dentists who use advanced technology to provide the best possible care. By incorporating intraoral cameras into your practice, you can provide a more comfortable and efficient treatment experience, which will make the patients feel more comfortable and satisfied. Satisfied patients are more likely to refer their friends and family members to your practice.

Competitive advantage

In today’s market, patients have a lot of options when it comes to dental care. However, by using advanced technology, dentists can differentiate themselves from the competition and provide exceptional care to their patients. Intraoral cameras are one such technology that can give dentists a competitive edge, which can ultimately lead to better business growth and success.

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In conclusion, intraoral cameras have become an indispensable tool in modern dentistry. They provide high-quality images that can be used for diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient education, thereby improving the overall patient experience. By incorporating this technology into your practice, you can modernize your dental procedures and deliver better care to your patients. So, consider investing in intraoral cameras and revolutionize your practice today!

Investing in Digital Doc Training for Your Practice

Investing in Digital Doc Training for Your Practice

Investing in Digital Doc Training for Your Practice

Investing in Digital Doc Training for Your Practice

As a dentist, you know that keeping up with advancements in technology is key to staying ahead in the highly competitive dental industry. One of the most important technologies today is digital dentistry. With digital dentistry, you can offer your patients faster, more accurate diagnoses, improved patient care, and enhanced practice efficiency. Investing in Digital Doc Training for your practice is a wise choice that can improve your practice’s success. Digital Doc Training provides dental professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to incorporate digital dentistry into their practice. In this blog post, we’ll explore why investing in Digital Doc Training is a smart investment for your practice.

Investing in Digital Doc Training for Your Practice

Enhances Patient Experience

Investing in Digital Doc Training will help you provide your patients with a better experience. Digital dentistry allows dentists to offer faster, more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans. This leads to better outcomes for patients. Digital technology also enables dentists to provide customized treatment options. Digital Doc Training teaches you how to use digital dentistry tools to improve patient care and outcomes.

Increases Practice Efficiency

Digital dentistry tools can enhance your practice’s efficiency. They enable dentists to work more quickly with less effort. This translates to faster procedures, less waste, and more efficient workflows. Digital Doc Training teaches you how to leverage digital tools to streamline your practice’s workflows. This will help to shorten appointment times and reduce the risk of errors.

Improves Treatment Outcomes

Digital dentistry tools are more accurate and precise than traditional tools. This results in better treatment outcomes for patients. Digital Doc Training focuses on teaching dentists how to use digital tools to improve treatment outcomes. This training can help you create more accurate and customized treatment plans that result in better outcomes for your patients.

Keeps Pace with Industry Trends

The dental industry is always evolving. By investing in Digital Doc Training, you ensure that you are keeping pace with the latest industry trends. Digital technologies are rapidly transforming the dental industry. By undergoing digital doc training, you are positioning yourself to take advantage of these advancements and stay ahead of the curve.

Improves Quality of Care

Digital dentistry allows dentists to offer a higher quality of care to their patients. This translates to better patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. By investing in Digital Doc Training, you are improving the quality of care you offer your patients. This will translate to better reviews, patient retention, and a higher level of overall patient satisfaction.

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In conclusion, investing in Digital Doc Training is a smart decision for any dental practice. It offers numerous benefits, including enhanced patient experience, increased practice efficiency, improved treatment outcomes, keeping pace with industry trends, and improved quality of care. As a dentist, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of the latest advancements in dental technology. Investing in Digital Doc Training is a wise choice that can help you do just that and take your practice to the next level.

Improved Dental Imaging Experience

Improved Dental Imaging Experience

Improved Dental Imaging Experience

Improved Dental Imaging Experience

When it comes to dental imaging, accuracy is everything. As a dentist, you want every image to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your patients’ oral health. That’s why it’s so exciting to see how far dental imaging technology has come in recent years. Improved dental imaging experience is changing the game, making it easier than ever to get the clear, comprehensive images you need to provide the best possible care to your patients.

Improved Dental Imaging Experience

So, what exactly is improved dental imaging experience, and how is it making a difference? Let’s take a closer look.

Digital Imaging

One of the most significant advances in dental imaging technology has been the move to digital imaging. This means that instead of using traditional film-based X-rays, dentists can now take digital images that are immediately available on a computer screen. This makes it easier to examine the images more closely, zoom in on specific areas, and adjust the brightness and contrast to get a clearer view. Plus, digital images can be stored electronically for quick and easy access in the future.

3D Imaging

Another exciting development in dental imaging is the use of 3D imaging technology. This allows dentists to create a three-dimensional image of a patient’s mouth, which provides a level of detail and precision that was impossible with traditional 2D X-rays. With 3D imaging, dentists can see not only the teeth but also the surrounding structures like bones, muscles, and nerves. This makes it easier to diagnose problems like impacted teeth, root damage, and bone loss. It also allows dentists to better plan for complex procedures like dental implants and orthodontic treatments.

Intraoral Scanners

Intraoral scanners are another exciting advancement in dental imaging technology. These handheld devices can be used to scan the inside of a patient’s mouth, creating a digital 3D model that can be used to design and fabricate restorations like crowns, bridges, and implants. This eliminates the need for messy and uncomfortable impression materials and speeds up the process of getting custom restorations. Plus, since the scanner captures such a comprehensive view of the mouth, dentists can use it to spot issues that might have been missed with traditional imaging methods.

Improved Patient Experience

Finally, improved dental imaging experience is all about making the patient experience better. With digital and 3D imaging, patients no longer have to endure uncomfortable X-ray films or harsh chemicals to develop them. Additionally, the speed and precision of these new technologies mean that patients can get in and out of the dental chair quickly, with less time spent waiting for images to develop or retakes to be done. This makes the entire dental experience more pleasant and less stressful for patients.

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Improved dental imaging experience is changing the game in dentistry, making it easier than ever to provide accurate diagnoses and effective treatment. From digital imaging and 3D technology to intraoral scanners and improved patient experiences, these advances are revolutionizing the way dentists care for their patients. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your practice and provide the best possible care, it’s time to embrace the power of improved dental imaging experience. By staying at the forefront of these technological advancements, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional care to your patients with confidence.

Unlock Your Practice’s Potential With Intraoral Cameras

Unlock Your Practice's Potential With Intraoral Cameras

Unlock Your Practice's Potential With Intraoral Cameras

Unlock Your Practice's Potential With Intraoral Cameras

Running a dental practice can be challenging, whether you’re a new dentist or someone who has been in the field for a while. However, there is one technology that can help unlock your practice’s potential and keep your patients coming back satisfied – intraoral cameras.

Intraoral cameras are small, handheld devices that allow you to capture high-quality images from inside a patient’s mouth. These images can be used to diagnose dental problems, show patients the condition of their teeth and gums and explain procedures. Here’s how intraoral cameras can help you take your dental practice to the next level.

Unlock Your Practice's Potential With Intraoral Cameras

Better Diagnosis

Intraoral cameras make it possible for dentists to diagnose problems that may have been missed using traditional diagnostic methods. For instance, these cameras can capture images of the inside of a patient’s mouth, showing areas that are difficult or impossible to see with the naked eye. By catching dental problems early on, you can save your patients time and money while ensuring that they receive the appropriate treatment.

Increased Patient Education

When patients can see what’s happening inside their mouth, they are better able to understand why they need a certain procedure. With intraoral cameras, you can show patients exactly what’s going on inside their mouth, allowing them to see the condition of their teeth and gums in real-time. This can help reduce anxiety and increase their trust in you as their dentist.

More Accurate Treatment Planning

Intraoral cameras also allow dentists to plan treatment more accurately. By having a clearer view of the inside of the patient’s mouth, you can design a more effective treatment plan that takes into account all possible problems. This can help prevent treatment complications and ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

Improved Patient Outcomes

The use of intraoral cameras can result in improved patient outcomes. By catching problems early on, and tailoring treatment specifically to each patient’s needs, you can help ensure that they have a successful outcome with less pain and fewer complications. This can lead to more satisfied patients and help build your practice’s reputation.

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Intraoral cameras are a game-changer for modern dental practices, helping dentists improve patient care and overall practice success. By making accurate and early diagnoses, educating patients, planning effective treatment, and delivering improved patient outcomes, these devices can help you unlock the full potential of your practice. If you haven’t yet incorporated intraoral cameras, now is the time to do so. Your patients and your practice will thank you.

Making Decisions as a Dental Practice Owner

Enhancing Dental Practice Profitability and Efficiency with Digital Doc Dental Technology

Making Decisions as a Dental Practice

Making Profitable Yet Ethical Clinical Decisions in Your Dental Practice

One of the many responsibilities of being a dentist is diagnosing and treating patients. Therefore, your decision-making abilities will be called upon to make clinical decisions for your patients overall oral health.

One of the mistakes we often hear new or associate dentists make is delegating the clinical decision-making role to their patients. You are the expert, so patients expect you to guide them on their journey to better oral health regardless of the cost. For example, don’t ask a patient which diagnostic tests they would like to undergo. Again, you are the expert, you know the best technology that may be needed to better see a problem area. Often times we miss cracks or shadows with intraoral cameras alone. This is why we recommend using a diagnostic aid like LUM to have a transparent view of the tooth. Transillumination technology extends the detection capabilities of the leading intraoral camera (X90) with well-proven sub-enamel illumination diagnostic methods. This compact, easy-to-use tool provides instant documentation as well as detection of all findings.

Enhancing Dental Practice Profitability and Efficiency with Digital Doc Dental Technology

Decisions Related to Growing Your Practice Through Technology

The fist step to growing your dental practice is deciding your practice’s goals. Having a clear mission will help you make the decision process more manageable. Every possible option must be weighed to fit your overall mission.

For example, many dentists are choosing to replace the larger wall mount X-ray machines in favor of the XTG Handheld X-Ray if your mission is to continually improve the level of patient care and maximize space and time in your practice then this may be a great fit for your team. Thanks to the evolution of dental technology, handheld x-ray machines like the XTG have proven to improve patient safety and reduce the time needed for x-rays. 

Dental equipment investments can be daunting when you are inundated with brands, rep recommendations as well as advertisements. 

Leading Your Practice With Technology-Focused Team Goals 

Your dental patients, team members, and community want you to succeed. An important part of being a successful practice owner is the level of leadership and culture you obtain. If you are struggling to see how dental technology in your practice can connect to your team and production goals, we have some easy and attainable tips for you. 

For example, if you are a dentist who has invested in or plans to invest in Intraoral Cameras like the X90 your collective team goal should be to have a camera in every operatory and take pictures of every new patient. Not only will this help build trust with your patients, but you are also able to build consistency with charting your patients’ care. Putting together a system for your assistants and hygienists to follow will allow you to have more transparent conversations with your patient about the potential treatment plan. If you are unsure about what technology you need to be most effective, your Digital DOC territory manager will be happy to help you formulate a plan based on the size of your team as well as the space available in your practice. Once you have decided which tools are best for your practice, it will be just a short time before the investment will pay for itself with the right training and support. We are here to help and are happy to answer any questions you have.