Why Choose Digital Doc Technology?

Why Choose Digital Doc Technology?

Why Choose Digital Doc Technology?

Why Digital Doc?

Why Choose Digital Doc Technology?

Why Digital Doc?

You may have come across many companies in your search for potential suppliers of digital dentistry equipment for your dental practice. Additionally, you may be wondering why you should choose Digital Doc over another manufacturer. Read on and see for yourself what dental care professionals and the team behind Digital Doc have to offer.

Sharing Dental Cameras is Not Practical

Wouldn’t having just one intraoral camera in each dental practice suffice? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The demands of daily work in dental offices makes it difficult for multiple professionals to share one camera.

Emphasis on Customer Support

“It’s not just a transaction to us. It’s not a here’s a camera, good luck with the camera!” Brett Wilson, President (Digital Doc)

One of the biggest reasons why you should select Digital Doc products is that the acquisition of the dental technology is just the beginning of your relationship with us. We offer unparalleled support to our customers on an ongoing basis, so they learn to see us as partners.

Our commitment to great customer service goes starts with our customer interactions. We ensure that any calls made to us are answered by a human rather than a robot. 


Doctors are telling us they are able to see things you just can’t see on a traditional x-ray. The XTG handheld x-ray drives patient experience and reduces a full mouth series, in terms of time, by half. This time savings makes it worthwhile to add the XTG, even if you already have an x-ray in every room. 

At Digital Doc, we fiercely implement a culture of excellence. We know that you would like to uphold excellence at your dental practice as well. That is why we invite you to partner with us as your provider of digital dental equipment, such as the best intraoral cameras, handheld dental x-ray devices, LUM transillumination devices and all accessories needed to get optimum value from our products. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can be of service!

Tips for Maximizing Your Intraoral Camera Investment

Best Quality Intraoral Camera

Tips for Maximizing Your Intraoral Camera Investment

Has Your Intraoral Camera Paid For Itself?

An intraoral camera is a valuable tool in dental practice. It helps us to diagnose and treat dental problems efficiently. An intraoral camera is a long-term investment that comes with great benefits, but it must be used and maintained properly. In this article, we will discuss five tips to help dentists maximize their intraoral camera investment and get the most out of it.

1. Know the Features and Functions of Your Intraoral Camera

Before using your intraoral camera, take some time to read the user manual so you can become familiar with all of its features and functions. Digital Doc customers have access to excellent support and training with our territory managers. Your investment works best when your whole team is engaged with training and embracing new technology. Whether you are adopting our technology for the first time or upgrading to a newer model intraoral camera, there is always something new to learn. 

Keep Your Intraoral Camera Clean and Sanitized

Intraoral cameras get exposed to the saliva, blood, and other bodily fluids of your patients. Hence, it is essential to clean and disinfect them properly before and after every use. Use an EPA-registered disinfectant to kill germs and bacteria that may spread infections. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean and disinfect your intraoral camera.

Take Advantage Of Important Add-Ons

Our X90 is incredible when it comes to clarity, auto-focus features, and ease of use. But we do offer an add-on product that enhances your diagnostic abilities. LŪM Transillumination extends the detection capabilities of the X90 with well-proven sub-enamel illumination diagnostic methods. This compact, easy-to-use tool provides instant documentation as well as detection of all findings. The case acceptance when using this piece of technology is sure to help increase your practice revenue. 

Store Your Intraoral Camera Properly

Proper storage is crucial to protect your intraoral camera from damage or theft. Always store it in a dry, clean, and safe place. Keep it in its original box or case when not in use. Avoid exposing the camera to moisture or extreme temperatures, which can cause malfunction or damage of its parts.

Upgrade Your Intraoral Camera

To keep up with the latest dental technology, consider upgrading your intraoral camera regularly. Upgrading will bring new features and benefits that will enhance your practice and improve patient care. Some of the latest features include higher resolutions, wireless connectivity, and improved compatibility with other dental technology equipment.

Contact Us Today!

Intraoral cameras are a significant investment that can bring great benefits to your practice. To get the most out of your investment, ensure you know how to use it, clean and sanitize it, use the right angles and lighting, store it correctly, and upgrade it regularly. Following these tips will enable you to maximize your intraoral camera’s potential and provide your patients with exceptional dental care.

Don’t Forget About Our Support

Don’t Forget About Our Support

Don't Forget About Our Support

Why You Shouldn't Forget About Digital Doc's Support

Don’t Forget About Our Support

At Digital Doc we don’t believe that it is enough to build great products. We are driven by the conviction that a great product has to be backed up by equally exceptional customer support. For this reason, we have made it our business to walk the talk of giving you the best digital dentistry products, such as the IRIS X80 Dental Camera, the XTG Handheld Digital Dental X-Ray device, and so many other outstanding products in addition to backing up those products with the highest degree of customer support. Here are some of the avenues through which we can help you to get the best use from your Digital Doc product or recover quickly when something goes amiss.

Extensive Customer Support Material on Our Support Page

The first point of support that you are likely to try is our customer support page which has extensive material on anything you can think about regarding our products. This extensive collection of support material is organized into easy-to-find topics. A search function eases your navigation through what we have so that you find what you are looking for.

For example, if the screen of your IRIS dental camera is green and you don’t know what this means, you can simply type “green screen” into the search bar and the page with the information you seek will be shown. You will then learn that a green screen on the digital camera indicates that inadequate power to the camera is denying you the live video feed that you expected. The best fix for the problem is also provided.

This same approach can be used to find answers to a lot of the common questions that you may have as you use your Digital Doc device.

Don’t Forget About Our Support

Email Support

In the unlikely event that you are unable to get the information or help you need from the database of support information on our website, the next option available to you is to contact us by email. No technical question is off-limits, so feel free to ask about anything and we shall do our best to respond as quickly as possible. As long as your query is clearly stated, we assure you that you will get a relevant and timely answer.

Remote Phone Support

Searching website databases and typing questions isn’t your cup of tea? No worries, because we have a dedicated team of technical support personnel that are waiting to receive your call and give you all the help that you need. Our Remote Phone Support team knows our products in and out, so you will not have to be put on hold as a representative consults someone else about your concern. While other suppliers rely on robots to receive and respond to customer queries, Digital Doc lets you speak to a real person who understands exactly what you are putting across.

Virtual Demos

We all have five senses, but we differ in the extent to which we use each of those senses. For example, one person will be at ease learning by reading written material while another would prefer to listen as someone explains. For that reason, we also have a customer support option of a virtual demonstration during which we can show you how to install, use and troubleshoot any of our products. Such a virtual demo will save you and us a lot of time and other resources that would have been spent in offering a physical demo at your premises. And the catch? You have to book or schedule a virtual demo here, so this option is best suited to individuals who would like to learn how our products work in order to make an informed procurement decision. 

As you can see, we are constantly adding to the different avenues through which you can reach us with your product inquiry or any other query you may have. If you need our help, contact us here or use any of the options discussed above and we will do our best to go above and beyond your expectations. With Digital Doc, you will be able to See More, Do More! 

Digital Doc 2021 Q3 Special

Digital Doc 2021 Q3 Special

Digital Doc 2021 Q3 Special

Digital Doc 2021 Q3 Specials: Blū & IRIS X80

Our Digital Doc team is excited to announce our 2021 Q3 Specials! This quarter, we will be offering not one, but two specials for doctors who are interested in purchasing the Blū Intraoral Sensor or IRIS X80 Intraoral camera. In this article, we discuss our Digital Doc 2021 Q3 specials and why you should take advantage of them.

Blū Dental Sensor

Our newest product, Blū Intraoral Dental Sensor, comes in two sizes. You may purchase the 1.0, for children or 2.0 for adults. Having two sizes ensures patient comfort. One of the biggest reasons why doctors love Blū is because of its crystal clear imagery and compatibility. Blū is compatible with over 25 different softwares. 


2021 Q3 Special: Trade in any x-ray sensor and receive $1,000 off the purchase of Blū. 

IRIS X80 Intraoral Camera

The IRIS X80 Autofocus Intraoral Camera is the market’s best intraoral camera. For the ninth year in a row, Dental Advisor awarded the X80 as the 2021 Top Award for Intraoral Camera. The X80 automatically adjusts and focuses from micro to infinity. Its plug-and-play characteristics make it simple to use. It has a resolution of 1080p and twin capture buttons.


2021 Q3 Special: Buy 2 IRIS X80 Intraoral Cameras and receive the LūM Transillumination device for FREE.

Why Digital Doc

At Digital Doc, all of our advanced dental technology is made right here in the USA. We custom design every product with the doctor in mind. Furthermore, we always do our best to achieve optimal patient comfort as well as practice efficiency. Our goal is to make both you and your dental hygienists’ jobs easier. Practices that invest in quality dental technology are more likely to see an increase in ROI. 

Schedule a Virtual Demo

Not sure if Digital Doc products will work in your dental practice? Schedule a virtual demo with one of our Digital Doc representatives. We will walk you through our products and answer any questions or concerns you may have. The best part is that it’s completely free! Follow Digital Doc on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with our latest announcements.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Intraoral Camera

Why You Should Upgrade Your Intraoral Camera - Digital Doc X80 Dental Camera

Why You Should Upgrade Your Intraoral Camera

Why You Should Upgrade Your Intraoral Camera 2021

How long have you been using your cell phone? The iPhone 12 Pro Max is here, and the camera is the most prominent feature! Consumers are more educated in photography than ever before. If you haven’t updated your intraoral camera in a couple of years, consider upgrading to Digital Doc’s newest dental camera. The following explains why so many dental offices are upgrading their intraoral cameras to Digital Doc’s IRIS X80 intraoral camera.

Dental Camera with Better Focusing System

Many of the existing digital intraoral cameras on the market require users to manually focus the camera’s lens before capturing an image. This manual focusing isn’t ideal, especially in a busy dental office. Additionally, you may have some low-quality images from not adjusting the lens properly and end up misdiagnosing the patient.

However, when you upgrade your intraoral camera to the IRIS X80, you get a piece of equipment with an autofocus function that takes the work of focusing the lens away from the user. As a result, you’ll not only save time but also have better quality images and accurate diagnosis.

The X80 is Easier Setup

We all know that it is more difficult to set up traditional dental cameras. You’re not only wasting valuable time but also affecting your patient’s experience.

With the dawn of the digital era, you don’t need to suffer all those inconveniences. The IRIS X80 doesn’t require any setup. Remove the camera from the box, plug it in, and start capturing images immediately. Needless to say, upgrading to the IRIS X80 with Liquid Lens Auto Focus and plug-and-play capabilities is a no-brainer.

Durable Dental Camera 

Every dollar invested in modern dental equipment counts. So, it is important to buy only the best dental equipment so that the investment can be rationalized.

You can feel confident in making the upgrade to the IRIS X80 intraoral camera because it is resistant to impact and harsh chemicals that your equipment will deal with on a regular basis. This sturdy construction means that your office will have digital intraoral cameras that they can rely on for years to come. Our friends at Park Hills Family Dentistry, a dental office in Lexington, KY, agree that investing in durable dental equipment will save you the hassle of constantly replacing cheap equipment.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Intraoral Camera - Digital Doc X80 Dental Camera

Taking Compactness to the Next Level

As dental technology has made rapid advancements, it has become easier to make intraoral cameras that are lighter, more compact, and more powerful, all at the same time. Having a lightweight and compact intraoral camera is crucial for efficiency and patient rapport. The IRIS X80 checks all those boxes, while older intraoral cameras may not.

Easy Integration into Existing Systems

When you purchase the IRIS X80 with liquid lens autofocus HD, you won’t have to worry about modifying your current setup or buying additional accessories. Our state of the art dental technology can be used with standard USB 2.0 protocol. In this way, you get access to using the best software available without having to upgrade equipment for the whole dental office. 

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why it would be in your practice’s best interest to upgrade your intraoral camera to the IRIS X80. Digital Doc’s IRIS X80 will allow you to SEE MORE and DO MORE! To learn more about what this intraoral camera can do for you, schedule a virtual demo today. Contact Digital Doc to access special offers on Digital Doc’s advanced dental technology.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in March 2019 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

Benefits of a Dental Sensor

benefits of a dental sensor - Digital Doc

Benefits of a Dental Sensor

5 Benefits of a Dental Sensor

5 Benefits of a Dental Sensor: Blū By Digital Doc

Dental x-rays are an essential part of routine dental exams. Not only is it important to examine the external areas of teeth, but it’s important to examine the internal areas as well. There is no denying that traditional dental x-rays have helped many people. However, advancements in technology have allowed engineers to create products that provide instant, HD digital imagery. Going digital can take your practice to the next level, but what exactly are the benefits of a dental sensor? 

1. High-Resolution Imagery in Your Office

Dental technology bridges the gap between doctors and patients. How so? By providing crystal clear imagery, you can show your patients the problem rather than tell them about the problem you see. It’s hard to say yes to expensive procedures when the problem isn’t apparent in low-quality imaging. The HD imagery of Digital Doc’s Intraoral Dental Sensor–Blū–will support your prognosis and justify your treatment plan. 

2. Increase Efficiency

The x-ray portion of a routine exam can be the most time-consuming part of the process. With intraoral dental sensors, minimal setup and minimal adjustments are required. This decrease in setup time increases overall office efficiency and allows you to spend more time on what actually matters: the patient. 

Traditional dental x-rays take several minutes for the image to develop. An intraoral dental sensor allows you to capture an image and produce it within seconds. Even Dr. Ben Kacos, a dentist in Shreveport, LA, agrees that this saves the dental offices and patients valuable time. For example, if retakes are needed, the dental provider will know right away. In some traditional x-ray cases, the provider won’t know retakes are needed until after the patient has already left the examination room. Saving time is important for dental offices AND the patients! 

3. Decrease Patient Radiation Exposure + Reduce Your Waste

It’s not a secret that x-rays expose patients to radiation. Dental sensors take away 70% of this risk. With digital dental sensors, you no longer need radiographic film or processing solutions. The processing solutions are harmful to the environment, and the film can be wasteful. At first, dental sensors seem costly, but in the long run, eliminating the needs for traditional x-ray materials and the disposal fees that come with it saves dental offices time and money. 


benefits of a dental sensor - Digital Doc

4. Comfortable, Portable, and Durable

Traditional x-ray methods can be uncomfortable for patients. Not to mention traditional x-ray machines take up a lot of space. Digital Doc’s Blū Intraoral Sensor comes in the perfect size, making for the best patient experience possible. When purchasing your Blū Intraoral Sensor, you can choose from a 1.0 and 2.0. Each sensor is about 4.8 mm thick, with the dimensions of 31.3 mm X 42.9 mm. 

5. Digital Doc Support

As an industry leader, it’s our job to provide you with high-quality products and premium support. Implementing your new dental sensor will be easy with the help of Digital Doc Support. Our virtual training will teach everyone how to maximize these benefits in your office. If you have any questions or concerns about your Digital Doc products, you can always count on us. 

Blū with Digital Doc

At Digital Doc, we design products with the dentist and patient in mind. Not only do we create easy-to-use products, but we create products that produce easy-to-understand imagery. 

The Blū intraoral dental sensor exemplifies these design principles. Our talented team of engineers created a product that can bring your practice to the next level. Don’t believe it? See for yourself and schedule a free virtual demo today. 

Increasing Doctor’s Revenue

increasing doctors revenue - Digital doc

Increasing Doctor's Revenue

Increasing Doctor's Revenue: Tips From Digital Doc

Our job in dental sales is to bring value to the dental practice, to grow your revenue. The question is, where are intraoral cameras on your list of importance? No matter how long you’ve been in the dental industry, where do you place intraoral cameras on your priority list? I know you have a lot of things being marketed to you. Big ticket items like CAD/CAM systems, digital dental impression systems, extra rooms for equipment, etc. what would grow the doctor’s revenue more than anything else in the dental industry? It is the best intraoral cameras on the market.

We’ve seen a 10-30% increase in revenue in a dental practice with the adoption of intraoral cameras, but it’s the right number of cameras that does it. You see, most reps believe (and they are correct) every dental practice needs an intraoral camera, and that is the problem; having just one camera.

That single camera may be placed in a drawer where another person can’t trace it or the person with the keys to that drawer isn’t around, so someone who wants to use that camera can’t access it. Dental practices don’t have enough intraoral cameras.

Why Intraoral Cameras

So, why focus on intraoral cameras? It leads to everything else. If your practice sees a 10-30% increase in revenue because you suggested intraoral cameras and it’s the right number. So, what is the right number? Well, a camera on every single chair would be ideal. The most successful dentists have a camera on every chair.

At a minimum, have a camera per provider. For example, if the practice has two doctors and two hygienists, that would mean having four intraoral cameras. This isn’t because we are trying to sell more cameras to your dental practice, but it is what they need to see a double-digit increase in revenue. So when they achieve that, and we have a spreadsheet that shows monthly savings and incremental growth in revenue. 

increasing doctors revenue - Digital doc

Practice Growth

When we talk about incremental growth, and in this particular example it is a $1 million practice having 10% organic growth in its business. A million-dollar business growing at 10% sees an increase by $100,000, and yet the fixed costs don’t change. However, your variable costs change. These variable costs include supplies and lab costs. 

So we factor the variable costs in at 20%. That’s pretty reasonable, wouldn’t you agree? So take 20% off of $100,000 and that leaves $80,000. We’ve also factored in the cost of the equipment. That leaves $60,000 that the doctor is going to put in his or her pocket. What’s that money going to be used for? They are free to spend it on anything else that they believe is important on their priority list. For example, the digital impression system.

Oftentimes, we place the cart before the horse. We are talking about these big ticket items but we aren’t talking about giving dental practices a solution of how they can pay for those items. This approach of acquiring intraoral cameras provides a real way through which dental practices can pay for those systems, and it makes sense. It’s not a general analogy of “Oh Doc, just do an extra crown a week and you will pay for it.” That doesn’t relate to them. That doesn’t take into account their business or understanding where they are coming from in terms of how they run their business and the overhead they have. 

Why Digital Doc

Why should you meet with Digital Doc? Why should you sit down with one of our territory managers? This is why. You want to grow your business by double digits? Grow their business by double digits, and it will follow. Zig Ziglar said it best; if you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want. So if you are focused on the business growth of their practices, the supplies come, the technology comes. That’s what we are focused on, it’s growing businesses. And we know the intraoral cameras are going to follow. Questions about our Digital Doc products? Contact us today to schedule a virtual demo with your local rep or visit our Digital Doc YouTube channel

Dental Advisor 2020 Top Award Winner

dental advisor 2020 award

Dental Advisor 2020 Top Award Winner

About Dental Advisor 2020 Top Award Winner

The 2020 Dental Advisor awards are out, and once again, the IRIS Intraoral Camera made by Digital Doc has emerged as a Top Award Winner. Technology is always ever-evolving. The IRIS Intraoral Camera has been a Top Award Winner for eight years in a row, making it a testament to the cutting-edge technology and commitment to continuous improvement here at Digital Doc. Our team is dedicated to providing the best intraoral cameras on the market. Read on and discover what the consultants who evaluated the camera over a four-month period have to say.

The Consultants’ Comments

An intraoral camera is designed to be a diagnostic tool used by dentists. One of the comments that featured strongly among the consultants was the bright light that the IRIS Intraoral Camera has. These bright lights don’t wash out the colors inherent in the images captured. 

The consultants also observed that the barrier sheath fits well over the dental camera. This sheath has no effect on the quality of images captured. Image quality is important to us at Digital Doc, so we put great care into the design of the sheath so that dentists use the protective component while taking intraoral images. Infection control is ensured if the barrier sheath is used consistently.

It was also observed that the intraoral camera is easy to operate. Coming from a team of consultants, this is high praise as they used the devices for four whole months.

The image quality also got wonderful feedback. The consultants say the images are great, and the photos capture the details of all extra-oral and intra-oral structures. All this high-quality comes from a camera that is “lightweight with a slim head,” as the consultants describe the IRIS Intraoral Camera.

Clinical Tips When Using the IRIS Intraoral Camera

To get the best from the IRIS Intraoral Camera, the consultants who reviewed the device came up with some tips. They first advised that dentists and hygienists, as well as other dental care professionals, should dry a patient’s teeth before capturing images.

You are also advised to install a cable kit in each of your operatories. This is so it is easy to move the intraoral camera from one operatory to another by the use of a mini-USB connection.


dental advisor 2020 award

IRIS Intraoral Camera Features

IRIS, the best dental camera, has a sleek, stainless steel wand whose tip is narrow. This is designed like that so it can easily access all the parts of a patient’s mouth. The camera comes with a 15-foot cable, and this is more than adequate for work within an operatory. The capture buttons are strategically positioned on the sides of the camera wand. This allows users to use whichever hand they want, regardless if they are left-handed or right-handed.

The consultants report that it was seamless to integrate the camera with different dental practice management software, especially when the IRIS Intraoral Camera remained in the same operatory. The focus wheel has five positions for the user to choose to take a full-face image, one-surface image, two-surface image, a smile, or a macro image. Images exhibit trueness of color due to the LED lights which fully illuminate the field. However, the LED lights can be turned off if the intraoral camera user wants to capture an image of a dental x-ray, which has been backlit.

However, some technical issues can develop if you keep moving the IRIS Intraoral Camera from one operatory to another. 89% of the consultants who evaluated this dental camera found it to be better than ones on the market. They then concluded that they would switch to the IRIS dental camera. Only 11% said that the IRIS intraoral camera was no different from the existing ones on the market. All the consultants were in agreement that they would recommend the IRIS Intraoral Camera. This is based on their overall experience using this device during the lengthy evaluation period.

Add IRIS Intraoral Camera to Your Practice

The quality and usefulness of the IRIS Intraoral Camera are clear. It has been a Top Award Winner for the past eight years now and earns its great reviews. If you would like to learn more about how you too can acquire the best intraoral camera for your dental practice, contact Digital Doc today.

Digital Doc X80 Autofocus Training

x80 autofocus training

Digital Doc X80 Autofocus Training

All About Digital Doc X80 Autofocus Training

The Digital Doc X80 intraoral camera has liquid lens autofocus technology, which means capturing images is very easy. In this training guide, we will cover how to hold the camera and capture the 12 images in 2-minute series. We will also cover adding the sheath, disinfecting the camera and technical support. The goal of using the camera is educating patients so they understand what treatment is needed. Remember, patients are consumers, and consumers buy based on emotions and not logic. Image quality and ease of use are key to keeping you motivated to taking images for each patient. 

Holding the Intraoral Camera

You can hold the camera in two ways. For the face, smile, and lower arch photo, you can hold the camera in the palm of your hand and lay your thumb on the capture button. 

For the upper arch image and all intraoral images, hold the camera like a pencil, with the second finger on the capture button. With every image that you take, make sure to have a firm grip. For our 12 images in two minutes, the first four are elective dentistry photos. Some software programs allow you to save the patient’s photo as the patient identification photo for the dental practice. 

For full-face photos, brace the camera against your other hand, center the image until you see the patient’s head, including their hair. You can later comment on their hair when they get it cut. 

For full smile images, place three fingers on the chin of the patient in the groove found just below their lips. Brace the camera on your hand, using your hand as a fulcrum. 

Lower arch. Right after you finish capturing the full smile, feather your forefingers up and spread your fingers. Think of it as opposites; feather up to shoot down. Ask the patient to open their mouth wide, and slightly tilt the camera toward the lower arch before you capture the lower arch image.

Upper arch. Hold the X80 camera with the pencil grip described earlier. Place four fingers feathered down on the chin and place the camera between your first and second fingers. Have the patient open their mouth wide and stand the camera straight up. If the lips are covering the anteriors, have the patient smile while the mouth is open. 

Intraoral images. You may find it comfortable to capture intraoral images by bringing the patient chair back, and you do not need the overhead light for these images. You can take all the images inside the patient’s mouth with two fingers resting on the lower anteriors of the patient and seesawing the camera up and down. For lingual and buccal images, just turn the camera slightly and slide it across your finger 

So far in the 12 images in 2 minutes, we have taken face, smile, lower and upper arch. Now with your two-finger fulcrum, we will start with the upper right back lower molar, then move to the first molar and bi. Simply slide the camera across your fingers to then take the upper left molar, then molar and bi on that side. Turn the camera over and repeat on the lower left side, and then move to the bottom right side.

You have finished your 12 images in 2 minutes, and it requires ten seconds to take each image. You will be able to complete these images in under 2 minutes in no time. 

One additional image that is popular is the hygiene shot. For this, you will use two fingers. One will go under the camera resting it against number 8 and number 9. Your second finger is placed on the chin and the two fingers are spread like scissors. Here you will tilt the camera and capture the lower interiors to show buildups, stains and to show before and after images once cleaning is complete. These images are popular for building the value of what a dental office does.


x80 autofocus training

The sheath and Disinfecting the Camera

The sheath is primarily used to keep the camera from fogging. Place the camera light side down under the second layer of the sheath. Slide the camera in and then peel the top blue layer. These are designed specifically for IRIS cameras. The optically clear side is on the bottom. Make sure that the camera leans with this side down. 

Disinfecting. We recommend that you use Digi Wipes for disinfecting the IRIS camera and cable. This is an ethanol-alcohol product which studies have shown to kill four of the most difficult bacteria. You can also use standard Cavi wipes on the camera and cable; just don’t submerge the camera and cable in any type of solution.

To disconnect the camera, don’t pull from the cable. Instead, hold on the stainless part of the cable with a firm grip and pull the cable from the camera. To reconnect, line up the arrows and push back into the camera. 

Warranty and Tech Support

Your camera carries a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. For any technical support, please contact us at the Digital Doc corporate office located in Northern California. Call 1-800-518-1102. Our Digital Doc team is always happy to help.

Boosting Profitability in Your Dental Practice in 2020

boosting profitability

Boosting Profitability in Your Dental Practice in 2020

All You Need to Know About Boosting Profitability in Your Dental Practice in 2020

One of the best goals you can set for your dental practice in 2020 is to boost profitability. Improved profitability will not only mean that you can afford to attract and retain the best staff, but you will also be able to create the dental office of your dreams. Boosting profitability can take two forms. One is to grow your practice by attracting more patients. The second way is to optimize every aspect of the dental practice to get maximum value from all the resources at your disposal. Consider some of the following recommendations on how to boost profitability in your dental practice.

Emphasize Same-Day Treatment

You can increase case acceptance and profitability by making same-day treatment plans available to your patients. For example, seeing a patient who comes in for their routine dental cleaning and then deep cavities. This patient can be given the option of getting a filling that same day.

The advantage of same-day treatment options is that they negate the need to make future appointments. Appointments always come with the possibility of cancellation or postponement. Therefore, profitability will be boosted once patients are presented with the option of having a dental problem dealt with immediately.

Use Pictures, Not Words

Case acceptance can also be boosted by taking the approach of saying fewer words and using more pictures during case presentation. In this regard, the best intraoral camera from Digital DOC can go a long way in providing high-quality images that can be displayed on HD flat screen T.V’s in the office. The crystal-clear images will show the patient the extent of their dental problem. When a patient sees the extent of tooth decay, then the patient will be more willing to accept the treatment plan recommended. Using Digital Doc’s intraoral cameras allows you to See More, Do More.

Give Everyone an Appointment

Profitability can be improved when patients leave the office with their next visit already scheduled. The best way to pull this off, especially when faced with patients who don’t have any specific dental problem, is by having the front desk staff explain why it is important to schedule regular visits to retain peak dental health. The staff member can then proceed to recommend two appointment options from which the patient is encouraged to select the one they prefer. In this way, you will have eased the appointment-setting process while giving the patient autonomy to select the best timing for that appointment. If handled successfully, profitability will start to improve as those appointments kick in.

boosting profitability

Improve Your Appointment Confirmation Process

A significant portion of productivity (and potential profitability) is lost to canceled appointments and no-shows. By having an effective appointment confirmation system, a lot of this lost productivity can be avoided.

For example, research has shown that text messaging produces better results than sending voicemail messages. To start, send a message the same day the appointment is made. Then follow up with another message requesting confirmation two weeks before the appointment date. Next, send another message 48 hours before, then 24 hours before and lastly 2 hours before the appointment. This way, any patient who cannot make their appointment will let the office know, and that time slot can be allocated to another patient. This way, profitability will be boosted because the entire workday will be fully utilized.

Provide a Variety of Payment Options

Some people are hesitant to accept recommended treatment plans because of the needed treatment’s price. You can overcome this barrier by providing as many payment options as possible. For example, you could start by accepting all insurance plans in addition to credit and debit cards.

Payment plans (for those without insurance) and payment offers for those who can pay in advance can also increase case acceptance and boost profitability.

Remove Patients’ Fears

A number of patients may be reluctant to accept treatment that you propose because they are apprehensive about the dental procedure. You can forestall these concerns during the case presentation by using simple language to describe the procedure.

For example, use the words basic, simple, or routine when talking about the dental procedure. If the procedure is a complex one, inform the patient that you perform it frequently and that he or she shouldn’t have fears. This way, the patient will be put at ease, and they will be more likely to accept the treatment proposed. With improved case acceptance comes increased profitability for the dental office.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Upgrading your dental equipment is arguably one of the best things that you can do to boost profitability. When you get the best dental camera, the best handheld dental x-ray device, and other digital dental equipment from Digital Doc, you are in a good place to present cases. Presenting this way will put the patient at the center of advocating for treatment. With the best equipment, you will be able to take efficiency to a higher level, which will translate into profitability for the office.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to boost profitability come 2020. Use the tips above to get creative and engage Digital DOC as your partner on matters of dental equipment, especially for the best dental cameras, handheld x-ray devices, transillumination devices, and all their accessories. We are ready to work with you to make 2020 your best year ever, so contact us today to schedule a virtual demonstration of our Digital Doc products.